Blog Delay Returns

Wow, it’s been such a long time ever since I published reviews on this site. I actually intended to publish my Metroid: Other M review before the holidays. But because I was pre-occupied with school, volunteering, homework, and job-hunting, I failed to do that until the very last day of December and 2014. Well, at least I forced myself to type and publish it on that day or I would have missed publishing reviews in December. Now with the Other M review out of the way, now I can begin a new “era” or reviews, in which all of my reviews starting with Super Smash Bros. Brawl will be using the new review template I keep mentioning about. Before I do that, I will publish my old review template so people will know how I analyze my games before publishing them on this site.

There are also many other things that I have to do on this site to change things up a bit. First of all, I will add pictures and videos to each of my older and future reviews to make them more visually appealing and interesting to those with low attention span but a high interest in gaming. I have now finally decided which games I will be reviewing for the Nintendo Wii – all decisions are final and will not change until otherwise further noticed in future blog updates. Below is a list of all the games that I will be reviewing; all times are still not final and can change:

-Super Smash Bros. Brawl (January 2015)

-Mario Kart Wii (January 2015)

-Wii Sports Resort (February 2015)

-Kirby’s Epic Yarn (March 2015)

-Donkey Kong Country Returns (March 2015)

-Super Paper Mario (April 2015)

-Sin & Punishment: Star Successor (May 2015)

-Excite Truck (May 2015)

-Sonic Colors (June 2015)

-Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing (June 2015)

-NEW! Super Mario Bros. Wii (July 2015)

-Animal Crossing: City Folk (July 2015)

So besides these games, I will also be reviewing the Nintendo Wii itself, as well as controllers, accessories, and add-ons to this console before I move on to the Nintendo Game-Cube. Yes, you’ve heard me; that’s right, after I’m done with reviewing Wii games, I will move on to the purple lunch box known as the Game-Cube. Unlike the Wii though, I will attempt to review all games per whatever franchise I choose, whether or not the others are sequels, non-canon, cross-overs, or spin-offs. But that will probably be most likely over a year from now, so don’t worry about those things…for now.

Finally, I will be also changing the blog site to have more pages, categories, tags, etc., to make this blog more convenient and accessible to you the readers. Even though not many people even read this, I will still do that no matter what. I forgot what else I had to say…guess I’ll update this post if I soon remember. Anyways, to finish it all off, I will also be considering to making another new review template – this will only apply to Game-Cube games so do not concern yourself with this until I decide whether or not to make it into effect soon. Yeah…what was that thing I wanted to say…whatever, I’ll update this blog when I remember what I have to say…

P.S…After a week later, I now remember what I wanted to say – that I am half way through writing my Mario Kart Wii review and that it will be finished soon. Man, it only took me literally a week to remember what I had to say. And yes, this P.S. note is an update to the update!


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