Resurrection of M: Modern Reviewing Nerd

Hey guys – what’s up everybody? I haven’t updated this site with these blog updates in such a while! The last time I did that was through the “Then & Now” page that you can access via the menu at the upper left hand corner of this site, so please do check that out as well. Anyways, now that I have officially moved on to the next ‘era’ of video game reviews, let’s get in right into what I want to say. As I have said previously, because I have created and constantly update the “Review Schedule” page, these updates are sort of redundant so I will no longer be telling what games I am reviewing (so check that page out as well). The only updates you will be getting are related to the site and my personal gaming life and nothing else; unfortunate as it is, if you miss out on those, then you have to check out that page or else you won’t know. I actually find it awkward at this very moment as I am typing this because I haven’t done such an update in a long time, so please excuse the cheesiness that will ensue.

As I have promised, I have somehow managed to put alot of time into typing, editing, and publishing both the Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart Wii reviews in one month. I will soon be doing the same for 4 more games for the remainder of the month, so look forward to that as well. Those reviews are extremely short in quantity as the games themselves don’t last that long, so don’t think that I’m doing this to rush out my reviews to you readers. With my third review template, it will only apply to games starting with Sonic Colors and ending with the last Wii game (and the Game-Cube will use the fourth review template, but that’s a year from now). Yeah, I don’t really have that much to say as the schedule page I keep mentioning contains all the details about what I do with the reviews; please, check it out, and as weird as it may seem, I will no longer give updates on what I’m reviewing in these posts. I know that I neglected to post any reviews during the spring break, but I promise that you will see those four short reviews soon.

Right before I ditch you readers again until another month, I know I failed to publish this update after my Brawl review, but shit happens and I wanted to get the Mario Kart Wii review over with. By April, expect normal activity to presume on this site just like how it was last year before the big renovation. There will be now multiple reviews being posted for each month, as well as rubrics and an update to accompany them. Other than that, there’s not much else I want to say. Oh, speaking of rubrics, I will discontinue them when I start using the third review template. To be honest, the true reason why I even started with these rubrics in the first place was because I was too lazy to include them with my reviews and felt it would make them even longer than before. In order to make up for my foolishness, I will be including the rubrics within the reviews themselves in the future. For now, let us just leave as that as I can’t spoil too much about that template (as I haven’t even published the second on this site yet), so for now, see you by the beginning of April!

P.S. No, this was not added at a later date…but just wanted to say that if any of you are lazy to check out those pages I mentioned in the first paragraph, it’s all your fault for missing out on valuable information. And shut up! I know I never added pictures to my Mario Kart Wii review – I’ll add them after.


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