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Okay! I know and understand that I never published my Excite Truck, Sin & Punishment: Star Successor, nor my Metroid Prime 3: Corruption reviews like I promised even though they’re super short. But please understand and sympathize with me because I’ll tell you everything that happened since then. Recently, I was infected and diagnosed with the stomach flu sometime in the beginning of April which halted my daily activities and prevented me from doing anything that I wanted or needed to do. I even went to the doctor’s office and skipped one day of school just to recover, can you believe that? As a result of that infection, I could not write, type, or publish any of my reviews during the first half of April.

Now why am I saying April when they were due for March? Yeah, I sort of lied and I actually worked on some of my reviews some time after their original publication date, so I simply change the date to make it appear as if they were done to fit the schedule. I’m sorry for lying and manipulating you guys, but I and you and we all have a life outside the internet – don’t worry, in the future months, I will do my best to change this issue. Well hey, at least I no longer publish reviews every few months now, so that’s an improvement right? With that urgent news out of the way, I’ll promise to publish the remaining reviews; Excite Truck is currently in progress while Sin & Punishment: Star Successor will follow suit. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is a bit longer than the four short reviews, thus, you’ll only see it near the end of this month.

As for the rest of the reviews, they will be intentionally delayed to prepare for the creation of the upcoming third review template, which I want to be very well designed so that future reviews will be top notch with extremely good quality. I don’t want this review template end up being like the last two where it resulted in flawed and overly long reviews filled with nonsense. In the meantime after Corruption, I’ll just post the second review template on to this site to enable readers an insight on how the reviews written after Metroid: Other M are designed. Sonic Colors will be the first game to not only appear after the second review template is published, but also the first game to use the third review template. Hey, if the third review template is actually really well written, I may even use it for the first few games that I will eventually review for the Nintendo Game-Cube too!

I’ve been having this strange idea over the past few days and I’ll state it here anyways. I noticed that no matter what I do to attract attention to this site, barely any people visit my site, let alone read my reviews and posts. However, when it comes to my past blog site, I don’t have to do anything and that site gets so many views, it’s crazy and unbelievable on how much popularity it gained when I left. I don’t advertise, I don’t add it to my profile, and I don’t mention it to anybody in the comments of other blogs, yet it still manages to get so many views. And the fact that I follow a couple blogs that are similar to that site has got me thinking that maybe I should reboot that site and start making random thought posts on gaming again like I did in the past. It’s weird since I vowed to never do that before, but since it became “famous” now and I rarely post anything on this site, I was thinking of highly considering of that idea.

But then I though to myself, if I want to do that but I don’t want to revive my older site, how about I start an entirely new blog site instead? Yeah, that’s a great idea, yet I don’t know if that will be a success. All of this is still in the thought process in my head and I’m not sure what to do of right now, though I’ll definitely figure things out in the future. So to sum things up, the stomach flu interfered with my reviews; the remaining reviews will be posted this month; and I will be writing the third review template. Everything else I want to say, is of course, summed up in the review schedule page, so please check that out or miss out on the latest updates on my reviews. Hmm…this update was also pretty damn long, probably the longest one I’ve written yet…oh well. I may or may not make another update again sometime this month, so please be sure to check that out when the time is ready.


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