Annual Blog Update Post

I haven’t published anything on this site for over a month and I apologize in advance for doing so. The last time I published something was back in April when I successfully completed my Excite Truck and Sin & Punishment: Star Successor reviews; however, my Metroid Prime 3: Corruption review is still left intact. Allow me to explain what has happened within the past month so that you viewers may understand. Since the school year is almost finally coming to an end now, the amount of homework, assignments, tests, and exams are coming and increasing. Exams are around the corner which will certainly hinder my blog progress very shortly. I won’t reveal too much about such private affairs, but they have taken so much time out of my life that I couldn’t find spare time to write reviews.

Believe it or not, I finally got into volunteering again! I got accepted and now “work” as a regular volunteer at a local food bank, where I go each Saturday and always work several hours guaranteed (unlike at the library). I’m very happy and proud of that and I devote my weekends to volunteering as a result. Again, since I’m discussing about my personal life, I will refrain from revealing which food bank I work at. Also, a friend of mine also referred me to his father who so happens to own a landscaping company – so now I also have a set summer job and I’ll finally be earning my own dough for the first time in my life. My goal of finally becoming financially independent from my parents don’t seem far anymore.

Just before I make updates on the reviews, let me discuss something that has occurred within the past few days at school. I was in my art class, and as a joke, I scribbled all over another student’s assignment. The teacher became extremely mad, succumbing to her ego, and then sent me down to the office and had the principal deal with me for such a minor “offence.” I was pretty pissed at how stupid she was as this could have been solved in 5 minutes (but instead took 5 days to solve). The principal questioned me, and I used many mind games and lying tactics to not fall to her psychological traps (if any). I came back after the weekend – which I removed all school phone calls and did extensive legal research on the incident – to find out that I would go scot-free, as long as I apologized to that student and sat elsewhere in my art class.

My parents did find out though I’m not that worried. As promised, I will seek out and invite a mental health professional to my school to have my art teacher dealt with by her anger management issues. Seriously, I do not want future students suffering from her wrath ever again for the stupidest of reasons. On to topic, I changed the order of games and have decided to review NEW! Super Mario Bros. Wii and Corruption before moving on to Season 3. I will also review Skyward Sword and Galaxy 2 in the near future, and Wii hardware (controllers, accessories, systems, etc.) too. Because of reasons mentioned above, they will take some time to be published.

I recently discovered a glitch on this site that I accidentally unknowingly triggered. The site will temporarily lag, stutter, and freeze, and also the frame-rate drops constantly from 30 to 25 FPS (sometimes even to 20). When I enter a new page, the entire site goes white and freezes before “rebooting” itself to load the next page. Going to other pages or back will trigger the same phenomena. I asked the administrators of WordPress to find out the cause, and apparently it’s because I have way too much pictures that take up the memory. Not so much the videos, but definitely the pictures, which most are of high resolution, ranging from 720p to 1080p to even 1440p HD! I have officially decided to make an actual home page to fix this error, and will move all posts into sub-pages within a sub-menu on the menu bar.

Remember how I said that I’ll make a new blog site? Due to time constraints and lack of passion, I have declined that project. I will also not be posting any reviews here during the summer break. This may seem as a troll move on my part, but I want to take a break from all this hassle and focus on other important things and hobbies, like landscaping, volunteering, and even drawing. Besides, in August I have to go to China again with my family as a vacation so that’s also another excuse for not publishing or writing reviews. When I get back in September, normal activities will resume and the third “season” of reviews will commence, though not before I publish my second review template and another Then & Now article to celebrate the first year anniversary of this site!

P.S. I noticed that viewers or blog users who “like” my posts do not get tracked and does not accumulate towards the total views or visitors on my site. What gives – I actually want to know why? As always, all other updates are given in that specific page in the menu bar.


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