Super Mario Galaxy Review


Super Mario Galaxy is usually considered to be the greatest 3D Mario game to date, and is also the spiritual successor to (and much better) than Super Mario 64. And I agree with them for good reasons. It was the first 3D Mario title announced for the Nintendo Wii back in 2007, although they showed parts of it in their E3 trailers for the Wii itself back in 2005 and 2006. This was also the first time that Mario would enter outer space, so who wouldn’t want to get it? And because motion controls was still innovative and “hard-core” at the time, people were also hyped up for what the motion controls offered to enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Unlike other Wii games that I played, I got Super Mario Galaxy only a year after its release (as opposed to purchasing it years later). And unlike last time when I…

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