Summer Blog Report

Um…this is kind of awkward…haven’t really been on this site for some time, but I think I can do it. As I promised last month, I’ll be giving some updates on the site and my gaming life. Ever since I published the last two reviews, many things have occurred and changed my life. I won’t really bore you with the details, and I don’t really want the NSA to know, so there’s that as well. If I never mentioned it, I attempted to get into landscaping as a summer job after being referred by a friend, but that never turned out well. And because of my stupid ass art teacher, I got shitty grades on my report card – I have a plan to make sure that that will not happen again in the future.

I continued volunteering at the food bank, and the chairman himself even offered me a summer job; I got denied because I was forced to go to vacation (otherwise I would’ve gotten the job, and I am not specifying when and where so the robbers can go rob somebody else). A couple days ago, he offered me another job and I’ll see how it goes if I get it or not. I also began and almost done with using hydrogen peroxide. It’s a great product to whiten your teeth, though others claiming it to bleach white one’s teeth within 3 weeks is kind of bullshit. My teeth is still kind of yellow, so I’ll use baking soda as another solution.

I finished the third review template as promised and will resume with reviews in September. In the meantime, I am creating the script for my very own anime of Kim Jong Un. It sounds a little absurd, but it’s kind of like the anime made by College-Humor, but heavily influenced by video games, comics, anime, and internet memes/jokes. It will take a long time to actually produce the episodes since I’m an amateur and I’m still a student. Don’t expect to see the anime until I’m in university or perhaps even after university. Talking about art, I also am planning to continue my drawings of Dragon Ball Z characters that I stopped doing in April because of a stomach flu.

With gaming related news and updates, there’s nothing that I can really talk about besides the third review template. I finished and I’ll spoil some of the details right now. I’ll include a rating system like the ESRB to warn or remind viewers of what to expect, as well as a vector-illustrated rubric to make it more visually appealing and reduce the length of the reviews. The review itself will be shorter as I’ll reduce the paragraph length, and I’ve combined many sub-sections into one. When it’s the end of August, I will also be writing and publishing the next “Then & Now” to celebrate and reflect upon the first year anniversary of this site! Wow, it’s been already over a year since, can you believe it?

Wait, why do I keep repeating myself?As said before, no games will be released during the summer months, though I have re-blogged the first three reviews to the home page for any curious readers or newcomers. There’s not much left to say since I’m not doing anything on this site. Oh right! I fixed the problems of this site by only allowing 5 posts to be loaded on the home page instead of loading all of them. If you want to access the rest of them, you simply press the bottom button to reveal the older posts. I also noticed that the views on my site have somewhat continued mainly because of my NSMBW review; is it really that good or interesting to read?

Now I just remembered what I wanted to say that is relevant to gaming! When I’m finished with reviewing Wii games, I’ll review the hardware, controllers, and accessories of the Wii, and the same for the Game-Cube before reviewing its actual games. Then after that, I will move on to the Wii U…and unfortunately that’s where it will end. Once I’m done with that, this site will become discontinued and archived just like my older site. Any reviews for the PlayStation consoles, handhelds, and PC will be made through YouTube. Maybe those video reviews will be published here, but that’s about it. Don’t worry though, since that will be at least 5 years from now.

And I almost forgot about the second review template that I promised to type…yeah, I’m kind of lazy so that will have to wait because of my own sloth. So that’s all the gaming news that I have for you. Let me explain some of my personal news to you in case you’re still bored or curious. I attempted to apply for a summer job, eventually getting one at my food bank, but before that I resorted to using creative resumes and application forms. God, do I regret wasting all of that time on useless job hunting! It’s been over two weeks and still no call or e-mail for an interview. I won’t rant about my thoughts here, but let’s just say that these stores are either racist, ageist, or just don’t like me.

Screw that shit – I am no longer ever going to find a job with application forms anymore! Okay, I think I’m done with updating about my gaming and personal life. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you guys again in August with the articles I promise to publish. I just realized that I never made an update in June…weird. I will post what I promise to publish this time and I won’t delay or deny anything like I did in the past months. Please believe me this time! I also forgot to update the “Review Schedule” page as well so I’ll do that as well. Anyways, without further ado, let us end off this blog update by making a normal and totally not weird conclusion.


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