Back From The Dead

Alrighty guys, this is Modern Reviewing Nerd here and I am back from my real life and entering my old life on the web. I can’t believe how long it’s been ever since I last updated this site all the way back in September! Just in case you missed out, you can access my “Then & Now” page in the side menu (click the top left icon beside the site name) as I updated that page back in September in case you never knew and thought that I never updated this blog two months ago. It has been updated to celebrate the first year anniversary of this site in which I look back on what led me to the present moment, as well as reflecting my opinions on the games that I reviewed too.

I know that it’s November now and that I skipped several months without actually publishing any reviews. But I’ve been through alot of busy and rough moments so please sympathize with me here. I won’t explain everything because then it will take too much text and waste your time, thus I will give a short summary. First and foremost, when I came back to China, as I said before, I got insomnia and jet lag which disrupted my sleeping patterns and made me feel weak/fatigue. After about a week, I recovered from this and went to school. I then attempted all month to start the volunteer organization, though unfortunately that has came to an end in October as many roadblocks have prevented me from doing so. Now that I’m in grade 12, there’s also a shit ton of homework that I had to deal with.

Outside of school, I would go and volunteer at the food bank and write the article for “Then & Now” page that would keep me busy during the weekends. During October, I decided to continue writing the script for my Kim Jong Un anime thing I kept mentioning and I only finished a couple days ago because of homework again. I don’t know what happened, but something in my mind told me to just join the military now at a young age, as that would unlock the key to my future. I have already considered to join after university, but for some reason I wanted to do so now. However, joining the military is a big commitment and once you enroll, there’s no going back. I did my research and took thought and time before I finally decided that I would join no matter what.

Finally, I also exercised again after neglecting to do so for such a long time, which was actually such a pain at first but now it’s a big joke to me, even at 30 pounds (in each hand). So there you have it, now you know why I never did any reviews for such a long time. With things finally settled down, I think I can now start writing reviews starting tomorrow; I’ll take off an hour of my time everyday just to write the reviews so that I don’t get lazy or fall behind. I don’t volunteer at the food bank anymore which means I have more free time to do whatever I please on the weekend – oh, and I will start to apply to the military this week as well! Probably won’t be able to be finished with my review until near the end of the month, so don’t get frustrated if it gets published at a very late date.

What else did I want to write? Oh yeah, I will be now consistent with writing reviews and promise to be much more active. Although I won’t be publishing multiple reviews, I will be publishing one once every month to increase the quality and sacrifice it for quantity. Any details on what games I’m going to review, are of course, within the “Review Schedule” page so go take a look there. Wait…I forgot to publish another article on my site (why am I so forgetful?) Remember how a couple months back I told some of you that I would write a step-by-step guide on how the whole review writing process works? Yeah, I got lazy and I eventually forgot writing that…with so many things that I have to do (from homework, military, and even hobbies) I probably won’t be publishing it anytime soon.

I guess we have to depart for now and see you near the month’s end when you will certainly be able to read my review of Sonic Colors for the Nintendo Wii (not the DS version). You guys can continue with your daily life and I with mine as you eagerly wait for me to return to my old habit of writing video game reviews again. Before I go, if any of you want to give me fan mail, you can do so at <> but be warned that I do not accept spam, junk mail, hate mail, or viruses and will blacklist and report you if needed. I got a new e-mail in September (or was it October) which means that I no longer have to deal with any stalkers that I personally know anymore.  Okay, for the last time, see you guys soon and off to work I go with the military and reviews!


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