Told You So!

As I promised a few weeks ago, I have managed to complete the required tasks to update this site after long period of neglect. I written, typed, and published the Sonic Colors review within the month of November, and I’m actually quite surprised as this is the first time I’ve managed to pull off such a stunt. My secret to this is that I spend only a few hours each day to write the review, while editing and typing are spent on the weekends, even when I had alot of homework to deal with. I also added the second review template and its minor upgrades, along with some other minor things to fix the pages of my blog.

Finally, I found the time and route needed to buy the final set of games to finish my Wii collection. I went to downtown Toronto a few weeks ago with the TTC buses and subway system, since my bike got destroyed after some asshole driver crashed into me one day coming back from school to go home. Don’t worry, I’ll buy a new bike next year which can accommodate my travel needs to university and beyond. It took me only an hour and a half (there were delays) as opposed to three hours when I rode my bike the whole route back in August 2014. I have to say how fun it is to take public transit, as weird and nerdy as that sounds.

As soon as I got there, I walked in the wrong location for 10 minutes before realizing so I ran back to the correct location. I just went to A & C Games this time and went to the new location in Kenigston Market near Chinatown. Man, I really love the major renovations and expansions they did to their new store. I spent half the time just browsing to see the beauty of the store itself before browsing the games, and I must admit that they even expanded their stock as well. Unfortunately, I only found three Wii games suitable for my gaming needs.

I couldn’t find any other games as they never had them or they were extremely expensive. But what I do have to tell you is that I found these three games: Xenoblade Chronicles, Monster Hunter 3 Tri, and No More Heroes. Yes, you heard it, I got my hands on the rare and legendary Xenoblade Chronicles, at a cheap price of only 80 dollars. Come on, I know that may seem like a rip-off for a used game, but buying a used copy on Amazon or even eBay costs at least 150 dollars. I snatched it at first sight and now its mine! The other two were third-party games as I intended this journey to be, though I wish there were more.

The following weeks after I went to the military recruitment center in Toronto as the website said so. I took the subway again (my parents are completely unaware of my gaming journeys…shh) and it took me the same amount of time. Due to my inexperience – this is my second time taking the subway by myself – I missed leaving at Bloor/Yonge station and left at Sherbourne station instead (I know you could use the stairs, I just was not aware). I went there to find it was a government building, and immediately left much to my shock and disappointment.

Because you needed government ID to get into the military facility! I only had my student ID card which didn’t count so I left, with all of that travelling amount to nothing. Oh well, maybe next time as at least I gained valuable life experience with public transit. You can only visit them during the week, not during weekends and holidays so that’s why I was frustrated at this revelation. I will visit them again during Christmas break, this time armed with proper ID and tons of questions. I seriously need a job in order to escape the cycle of poverty; yes, I am part of the poor class but that doesn’t mean it’ll be like that forever.

Moving on with my life, I stopped exercising as over-training can have serious health hazards and will weaken my muscles instead of strengthening it. I still cannot find the time to draw, though I will do it during the winter break. As for future reviews and other projects, it will also be moved to the Christmas break. Now that I’m in grade 12, I have to apply to university as soon as possible. My grades are shit because of psychological and health reasons, but the entire Canadian educational system is a joke, thus I treat it as such. Guess I’ll just go to York – if you can grab a fork, then go to York (LMFAO).

That’s basically it with this update; I know it’s very long, but a shit ton of stuff happened and I wanted you guys to know. I just wanted to point out that in the future (when in uni.), I’ll either stop giving personal life updates altogether or just make it vague and cryptic to prevent people attending York and the general public of Toronto to discover my true identity. I intend on becoming a celebrity of sorts later in life, and I don’t want them to find out who I really am. As with future reviews, I have decided fully that I will continue making reviews for this site, Game-Cube and even beyond.

Here’s how it works – I will succeed the third season with a fourth one that combines video games, consoles, and accessories. Therefore, you should expect even more Wii games to be reviewed even after the third season. With each new season, I will make a new review template to make future reviews shorter to read, more high-quality, and faster to write to publish more reviews within a shorter amount of time. When that is done, I’ll even make reviews of consoles, controllers, and accessories so be sure to look forward to those as well.

Season five and beyond will cover the Game-Cube itself, and its controllers, accessories, and games. Eventually, I’ll even cover the N64 and Wii U, and even systems of the Sony brand, being that of the PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, and further. This may seem like wishful thinking, but this will be a lifetime ambition that I want to pursue. Besides, thousands of people on YouTube make video reviews frequently, so there’s no point in trying to deal with that competition – and the fact that video reviews take even more time, effort, and writing than written reviews.

In the far future, I’ll reveal my true identity to the entire world so that they may know this mysterious teenager was that special celebrity this whole damn time. It will be kind of like a thank you gift to all of you that supported me over these years. Then that’s when my views will skyrocket and I will finally receive followers, which will prompt me to write more reviews even more. I’ll even show this and other projects to my children…if I even start a family that is. And then, I could ascend to PC and even handheld and mobile games.

Back into the current moment, I have to review Skyward Sword this month and I shall. This review will “avenge” the mediocre review I wrote for Twilight Princess (it was my first ever review). I’ll definitely be able to see the difference once I am done with it, and I’ll be proud of how much I’ve progressed since then. I just wanted to make this post long and special to make up for the absence I had during the few months after summer. Anyways, sorry for the long update, see you guys in a couple weeks, and have a good day to all of you.


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