New Year’s Resolution

Well…we’re now in 2016 and I can’t believe how fast time has gone by! I recently published the review for Skyward Sword, finally living up to my promises so I hope we can move on and no longer bear any grudges towards each other. Since this is January, I won’t be able to write or publish any reviews this month because I’m extremely busy with my life. First off, I have exams near the end of the month which means I have to study as this is my final year in high school which will determine my fate for post-secondary. And I finally, finally managed to visit the military recruitment center in Toronto in order to start the job application process for the military.

Oh, if I never told you, I forgot to bring government ID the first time and they were closed during the Christmas break, so that’s why I was so happy with my third attempt. I also visited Chinatown and rode the new streetcars which are pretty damn sweet. With the military, I will try my absolute best to follow all instructions so that my application will not get rejected, that I successfully pass all tests and meetings, and I get sworn in as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces so that I can leave my pathetic life of inferiority. It will take a few months and the training will take the entire summer, but the experience and pay will surely make up for all this effort.

Then, just a few days ago, I finally was able to perform surgery to fix my nose…oh, never told you about that either. Let’s just say that I had a number of issues with my nose the past six months that resulted me in visiting my family doctor and my nose specialist. It was my first time actually being in a hospital for treatment, so I seemed like a naive dunce to the staff. Also, when I got the anesthetic pumped into my arm, I instantly felt dizzy and then I suddenly became unconscious without even realizing it. I stayed in the hospital for a few hours to recover and then went home, and I have now rested for a few days now by taking medicine and sleeping.

So these are the legitimate reasons on why I will be postponing reviews until next month. Oh, finally I applied to university and got acknowledgement e-mail from multiple universities, but I think I’ll just end up going to York University for convenience and friendships. Anyways, I went back to drawing Dragon Ball Z art and am done with Goku, turning out much better than I expected. I now use baking soda to whiten my teeth, and holy shit, does it make my previous whitening methods an absolute joke. Of course, I still gotta maintain this routine for at least a month to see actual results. Hmm…too bad I can’t find the time to play video games!

When I recover from my nose surgery, I’ll write my exams, move on to the next set of reviews, and hope for a better future in my life. The future beyond high school is very uncertain; thus, don’t be surprised if the reviews in the schedule starting from September 2016 is delayed, omitted, or modified to my preferences. University will probably be one of the most busiest moments of my life, so I just want to warn everyone in advance if you’re unsatisfied with the lack of content on this blog in the near future. As always, I hope to see you in my next reviews, which are Donkey Kong Country Returns followed by Super Mario Galaxy 2 in February and March.


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