Promises Are Meant To Be Broken…

Hmm…I’m very sorry you guys for delaying my reviews yet another time and breaking my promises, but please understand me. Remember that I am a high school student in grade 12 that is about to graduate and enter university in September. Therefore, I must refrain from distractions and focus on getting good grades to get accepted into university. My parents disapproved that I go to York University since they are now aware of the bad reputation, thus I have applied and got accepted to University of Guelph. Well, it’s just an early conditional offer of admission, but still, at least I am now more serious about my education and my future is looking a little more bright.

After my previous blog update, many things have happened. I recently filled out and sent the applications to the military, and although they said that they would give me the date and location of the facility for the physical test, I still never got the e-mail yet. Also, it appears the septoplasty (nose surgery) has somewhat failed on me because my breathing problems came back after the crust in my nose all fell off. Turns out I still can’t breathe normally when I lie down, but at least I can breathe perfectly when I stand up or sit down no matter the space or humidity of the room. Oh, and my spleen started to enlarge and brought me discomfort…fortunately, some traditional Chinese medicine lying around significantly reduced the size and symptoms!

I decided to eliminate writing and publishing my Super Mario Galaxy 2 review as I want to keep my grades up and it’s redundant as I published a review of the prequel. Then I decided to not write reviews for the following games due to time constraints: Monster Hunter 3 Tri and Xenoblade Chronicles. I still can’t decided whether or not to reject the review of SimCity Creator or Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. But once all of that is figured out, we can move on and I will publish those reviews throughout the next few months before September starts. I guess after I will just write reviews for the consoles, accessories, and controllers of the following systems in university: Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Game-Cube, and also the Nintendo 64.

The future is still bleak and unpredictable, so view the Review-Schedule page for more information. Speaking of which, it appears that someone besides myself and WordPress users finally managed to look at that page for a change. I thought that such a rare and unlikely event would never occur. Also, I now get viewers from all over the world that somehow can trace my reviews through Google; I mean, I can’t even do that unless I deliberately search my blog site, so how do these random netizens find it? We got viewers from Canada, United States, Brazil, Chile, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, South Korea, and Australia.

And then I wonder how I can get likes but not get any views or visitors recorded in the stats; is that like a glitch or just the way it works? Because my reviews are now shorter and of higher quality, I’m starting to notice that I am now getting more and more followers. When in the past, I only got 2 since they felt bad for me as I had none back then – now I can truly say I’m improving and growing better than before. This alone has motivated me to now write more reviews and perhaps even write about stuff that is never seen before on this site (obviously still gaming related). So yeah, this is what I currently have to write as I now have run out of things on what to type.

I hope you viewers (and my followers) look forward to reading more reviews and have a wonderful day! I am very well aware that the font keeps changing as I want to freshen things up a bit. You guys may or may not like it, but if not, please tell me (if you are a follower) and I will change it to something else. But I’ve tried all the fonts for the bolded text yet it still looks very awkward; I guess I’ll just change it back to the default theme. Anyways, I just have to find a tutor to keep my grades up and register for university through online applications now. So again, thanks for reading and have a nice day knowing that I will write and publish more reviews.


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