Wii Sports Resort Review



Ah…Wii Sports Resort, the follow-up and sequel to Wii Sports, the best-selling Nintendo game on the Nintendo Wii and on any Nintendo console period. Normally, I wouldn’t review a sequel, but since I’m trying some new things out and taking a break from the usual stuff (pun intended – and the fact that Wii Sports is extremely bare-bones), I think I’ll let it pass. At the time it was released, the Nintendo Wii was still seen as a great system and motion controls were still cool, but little did Nintendo know that later in 2009 was their doom as they soon became the casual console for having weak hardware, gimmicky motion controls, terrible looking graphics, and inferior online infrastructure.

Around its development, people began noticing and criticizing Nintendo for the forced and gimmicky motion controls (which was also the time that the Wii U started to exist…in development), so…

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