The Real Last Update

Okay, so I have just broken my promise of no longer updating my website with details of my life unless it were editorials on gaming or the “Then & Now”, but let me remind everyone of my life circumstances. I am currently a first year university student and I am very busy with lectures, homework, studying, socializing, and working, so don’t expect me to be a kiss-ass and keep creating new content. Don’t have that much time to write reviews and editorials as promised, though I will still publish reviews of video game systems and handheld devices as well as mobile operating systems.

So much has been going on in my life, and I unfortunately will no longer be sharing you anything about my personal life (except for my followers by request through e-mail). Realistically, the “Then & Now” probably won’t even be up until early to mid-November depending on how busy I really am, though it’s just a review of everything that happened on this site within the past year compressed to a few pages of writing. I have been playing mobile games but don’t have the time to play PC games via Steam, so said reviews will have to wait much longer to be published.

Ever since I published my review of No More Heroes, I’m actually surprised and happy at how the amount of followers has literally doubled within one month, when it took almost two years to get to half of that. This news alone has motivated me to come back and continue my journey on MRN even though I reminded you all that I was going to publish less content due to university in the past. Future written content will be decided upon soon so just wait a little bit longer before I reboot this site again. Before I leave you all until “Then & Now” article, I’ll leave a small update on my life.

I find university to be one of the best experiences in my life so far, as I finally get to stay the hell away from my dysfunctional family 24/7 and not be surrounded by people that are extremely stupid and incompetent at their roles in society. The legal and social rights and privileges of being an adult are finally mine; I now have the power to earn, save, and use money however I want (except for government loans); and I have absolute rights and freedoms denied to me by my family and the educational system. The latter is very hypocritical in promoting human rights but then denying them.

Life hasn’t been quite going the way I’ve expected or planned, but I’ve managed to go through or currently striving to clear these obstacles and learn from them. Although I barely started to make money, soon when I establish a solid foundation in the first semester, only then can I make abundant amounts in the near future. The future finally looks bright after 14 years of unspeakable pain and suffering. Be sure to read the “Then & Now” article when it does get published in November and look forward to the fourth season of reviews that I have to offer soon.


How Can I Improve On This Article?

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