What If I Owned A PS3 Back Then?

Let’s just say I discovered how to time travel, and not only would it not create alternate timelines, but changing my past would allow me to relive it as well. One of the things that I would choose to change is the video game consoles that I grow up with. Instead of starting off with the Nintendo Game-Cube, then the Wii, and trying out PSP, GBC, GBA, DS, 3DS, Wii U, PS2, PS3, before finally transitioning to mobile and PC; I would grow up with the N64, Game-Cube, Wii, Wii U, PS3, PS4, GBA, DS, 3DS, PSP, PC, and try out mobile, GBC, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4 Pro, and the Switch.

Sadly, such events would never happen as it has been scientifically proven that time travel is impossible with current technology and way physics work. Even if time travel was possible, it would result in alternate timeline being created with the original unaffected. Also, time travel to the future is definitely possible when the technology allows it while travel to the past would break the laws of physics. I’ve always thought of how things would be better if I was simply born into a family with loving, functional, intelligent, young, richer, and competent parents.

Okay, if I were to narrate the story of how my childhood would be if I had all of those systems we would be here all day. Rather I will simply explain how my life would turn out if I grew up with the PS3 and then go from there. Of course, it would lead me to getting the PS2, PSP, and PS4 in this what-if scenario as I have a huge interest and passion for gaming. Since I’m not a psychic take these hypothetical events with a grain of salt and remember this is only for entertainment purposes. As always, I’ll try my best to make the article shorter than it needs to be.

Transitioning To Next-Gen Consoles

Obviously since at the time the Nintendo Wii was released, I would still inevitably gotten and played it since that was the rage during 2006-2010. But with peer pressure and my curiosity in just about any new product, I would have gotten the PS3 by my hypothetical loving parents in exchange for getting high grades in middle school. From there, I would begin playing major third party titles that my friends played and what the internet recommended (Mass Effect, Borderland, COD, etc). Since PSN was free back then, I also would’ve enjoyed playing online for the first time in my life.

But then after a few years, things would actually get pretty boring for me and I’d go back to the Wii and experience its rare gems too. If I had loving parents, not only would they have bought me new systems that I wanted so long that I did well in school, they also would have let me play whenever and how long I wanted. Yes, it’s quite embarrassing to admit this, but due to the anonymity of the internet , I might as well go ahead and reveal this. In my entire childhood, my strict parents refused to let me play during the weekdays and only allowed during weekends and holidays.

Even then, I was unfortunately severely limited by how much time I could spend during those non-school days. I had to constantly argue and manipulate my dysfunctional parents in order to get more playtime during weekends and holidays. At first, I was only allowed to play 30 minutes a day, then to 1 hour, after to 1 hour 30 minutes, and then 1 hour 45 minutes, eventually getting 2 hours. Now do you see why I played so little games and am very inexperienced with gaming in general? Of course, ever since entering university I played whenever and as long as I wanted.

Back to the hypothetical scenario, after years of enjoying my gaming journey on both the PS3 and Wii, I would move on to next-gen consoles. Again, so long as I maintained high grades, my (sadly fake) loving parents would then purchase Wii U and eventually PS4 too. Unlike my teenage years wasted on playing only a few dozen Wii games with only a few considered “AAA quality,” this altered past (if only it were real) would be much better. The experiences would be extremely similar if not the same as what I experience when I first started getting into PC gaming via Steam.

First thing is I would be blown away by the amazing graphics and hardware in the next-gen systems. Another is how much the online “platforms” for both PS4 and Wii U have improved from their predecessors. Of course these impressions I would also get from playing the PS3 for the first time; however, it wouldn’t be as extreme since the graphical difference between the Wii and PS3 wasn’t noticeable until around 2009. Sadly, after several years of playing the latest and greatest titles, I would come to another sad truth about the gaming industry like I do now.

The reality of modern video games is that most of them are the same old shit we’ve been playing for years with only graphics and extra content being different. And when the developers do try being innovative, they take things to the extreme and fail so they go back to older roots and play it safe. That would then result in me on longer being very interested in gaming and allows me to have complete self control with that hobby and be able to do other more fun and/or productive tasks. Sadly, it is in my current life that I still haven’t gotten over my “addictive” gaming phase yet.

Experimenting With Other Platforms

With this alternate reality where my gaming life isn’t inhibited, I also would want to try out and play handheld, mobile, and PC gaming. Having played on so many consoles, beaten probably hundreds of games over the course of a decade, and being able to balance it with school and other important tasks would convince me to go further. My hypothetical understanding parents would certainly buy me the GBC, GBA, and DS as a kid to be happy, while getting the 3DS, PSP, and mobile devices through the achievement of high grades and other useful accomplishments.

Since I wouldn’t be limited by when and how much I can play, eventually I would easily get over the addiction phase and have complete control. That along with being a successful child would convince my sadly fake loving parents to believe that I am more than capable of having these extra gadgets for fun. Never again would I be bored (as having normal parents would also enable me to enrol in extra circular activities and attend much more social events) and be seen as a gaming addict. Hell, they’d probably even try out gaming as a way to bond with me as well.

By the time I reach college, I would have already played so much games on so much systems that I wouldn’t be the semi-failure that I am today. Yes, gaming so much in university sort of lowered my GPA (there were other legitimate factors) and it made me lose motivation in doing other things. With this summer being over halfway completed, I have managed to get over the “addictive” phase as well, and this coming fall I will be able to have total control. Anyways, since PC gaming is extremely expensive and me ceasing to be a minor, my parents would no longer fund my gaming hobby.

Unlike my current situation where I started with a low end potato PC (and still am, albeit a better one), I would save up enough money for a gaming laptop. Instantly skipping low end hardware and starting off right with mid range PC, I could for the first time in my life experience how PC gaming is superior to consoles without the limitations that I face in my real life. I would then no longer want to go back to them and most likely sell almost all my systems and games to save up even more money so that I can immediately assemble a super high end gaming PC upon graduating.

But due to my nostalgia, I wouldn’t completely abandon consoles and try out the PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One X, and the Nintendo Switch. Having way more knowledge and experience in this alternate reality, I’d decide to no longer buy these consoles although I would play them with friends on their systems. So there you have it, the hypothetical alternate reality of what my gaming life would be like had I been born into a loving, functional, intelligent, competent, richer family. Not just my gaming life would change, but so would my social, educational, and personal life also.

Other Changes In What-If Scenario

I’ve already mentioned how I wouldn’t have the limitations that I have in my current pathetic life so let me elaborate it in detail. Sure, I would still be limited in playtime as a kid and sort of as a teenager, but when I begin and continue proving I have good grades and other achievements, my fictional parents would be proud of me. They would increase the limits and let me play much more often until eventually I virtually have none since they have enough trust that I can control myself. I’m honestly getting emotional just thinking about how pathetic my life is.

By doing other activities and actually being engaged with other people, my alternate parents wouldn’t be concerned about gaming so much. Therefore, having so much systems and games shouldn’t make me seem like a loser and is necessary to obtain self control which would help later throughout my life. Speaking of addiction, since my hypothetical awesome parents would be the complete opposite of my dysfunctional irrational ones, I wouldn’t turn out to be so obsessed with gaming and be able to be very successful in university and also in getting a job.

Actually having a part time job also contributes to the savings I collect to eventually not only fund my PC gaming “career”, but also other things such as dating, taxes, bills, renting, textbooks, eating, transportation, etc. I’m not really get too personal about how my life would be different, but anybody with decent amount of logic/reasoning can deduce that I wouldn’t turn out to be the loser that I am today. Okay, I might seem too harsh on myself but it was to make you readers understand how better off I would be if I had functional superior loving parents.

In my current life, I have only barely had complete control after overcoming my “addiction” with gaming in university. I still am trying to buy even more games and trying to save money so I can not only buy a mid range gaming laptop, but also a high end workstation PC, all the consoles and handhelds I ever wanted, and all the games I ever wanted and more. Childhood is the time when you get to be truly yourself and not have to worry about consequences and responsibilities. What pains me is that had I had better parents, my life wouldn’t be a load of shit like it is for me now.



How Can I Improve On This Article?

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