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Hello fellow readers and welcome to my own personal blog. This site is dedicated to video game reviews and all content gaming related. Although at the moment I’m currently reviewing games for the Nintendo Wii, I’ll eventually move on to other systems such as the Nintendo 64, GameCube, and Wii U – and even that of PlayStation and PC platforms. I plan to be doing this for the rest of my life, so we’ll have lots of time to cover the games for all of these systems and more.

If you’re not quite familiar on who I am, let me give you a little synopsis of my internet life. I previously had a blog called “Nigga Nintendo Nerd” but due to personal and controversial issues, I discontinued it and this blog emerged as a result. When I first began, I was inexperienced and lacked skill with writing reviews, thus the first three reviews were mediocre. I then decided to use my experience and mistakes and improve, and here we are today with reviews in better quality and quantity. Even the site itself has been renovated to serve you readers better.

I basically write video game reviews on games that I own, play, and beaten multiple times. This may seem crazy, but I do this as reviews tend to be biased if based on the first experience of playing when you’re still inexperienced and not skilled with the game. Speaking of bias, I tend to maintain a neutral perspective by pointing out the good and the bad points of a game, even going as far as paraphrasing or mentioning what fans and critics have said in the past.

The whole review process is complex, but I’ll summarize it here for convenience. For a game to qualify, it must meet the above conditions. Then I begin to write the review in my little personal journal by referring to a review template. It has been carefully crafted to meet my own standards after learning from experience and mistakes, as well as learning from other gaming reviewers. When done, I will mark the game with my own scoring rubric that has also changed over time.

Editing begins after and probably takes just as long as writing the review, to ensure that it doesn’t end up being of poor quality later on. Not only do I proofread my work, I will also add in or remove certain things and summarize or move things over the place. With that done, I move on to typing on my site, which takes only half the time of writing. Even then, I still have to add in pictures and videos, classify it by category and tags, and placing the rubric before publishing it.

And the whole process repeats itself over again. From time to time, I’ll post updates on my personal life to spice things up a bit and let you readers feel a little more comfortable with me. However, due to stalking incidents in the past, I refrain from giving out obvious and specific personal information to prevent such people from knowing my true identity. You should expect new reviews to appear monthly and the site will undergo changes with or without your notice.

Of course, should you want to know more about me, please proceed to the “Then & Now” page within the menu sidebar. If you wish to know the progress of current reviews, record of past reviews, and list of future reviews, then visit the “Review Schedule” page for more information. I even posted the templates that I followed for past reviews, which should be a good read and insight too. “Categories” and “Archives” allow you to access older posts based on their date or genres. Below are FAQS and the terms of service, so keep reading and stay awesome!

Terms Of Service

General Rules

*By accessing this site, you agree to follow all the rules listed here and will suffer the consequences if you fail to oblige by such rules.

*Rules will change from time to time with or without notice – whether or not if it is an inconvenience – they are final and cannot be modified except for the administrator (and in some cases) the WordPress staff.

*Although most viewers do not have a WordPress account, they may still be moderated by law enforcement agencies should they violate any terms stated in the WordPress terms or the law of their country.

Rights & Privileges

*Viewers and users have the right to report others; the right to view the contents; to appeal to the administrator if wrongfully accused; to request for site updates/changes; and the right to remain anonymous.

*Users may comment on blog posts; like their favorite posts; privately message other users; re-blog past posts as privileges; and publicize the administrator on third party sites as privileges.

*Privileges can be taken away or restricted at the discretion of the administrator and staff; whereas rights can only be taken away if term violations are serious.


*Those who comment on blog posts can show constructive and suggestive criticism towards the administrator, as well as compliments and complaints to the administrator.

*Any form of discrimination, prejudice, stereotyping, abuse, spam, advertising, flaming, trolling, insulting, phishing, hate speech, and other morally unacceptable behavior is prohibited.

*The same applies when communicating to others and not the administrator; if the conversations become inappropriate and hateful, users will be moderated.

Illegal/Criminal Activity

*Hacking of accounts or of this site is strictly prohibited – using this site as evidence to discover the identity of the administrator or other users is considered cyber-stalking and staff will be notified.

*Any form of cyber-bullying is unacceptable and law enforcement agencies will be contacted; attempting to frame any unlawful acts on other users and the administrator is strictly prohibited.

*Committing any computer or internet-related crimes is strictly prohibited and illegal, including but not limited to: terrorism, security threats, online piracy, identity fraud, etc.


*Exchanging of passwords, account usernames, e-mails, real identifications, addresses, contact information, earnings, and other private information is prohibited for the users’ privacy.

*No payment information or personal data are necessary to view this site and such information will not be collected, viewed, or stored by the administrator or other users.

*Private messages should be conducted through private methods of communication such as e-mail, rather than in the comments.


*Copying of any site content for commercial, for-profit, and public use is strictly prohibited unless considered fair use; search engines and anti-plagiarism soft-wares will be used to enforce this.

*Any person wishing to use the site’s content without fair use must ask for permission from the administrator through e-mail, in person, by phone, or through other legitimate means.

*Distributing the content to publicize the administrator’s intellectual property via social media, other blog sites, social forums, and other electronic means is granted so long as they are credited.


*Users who wish to personally contact and communicate with the administrator must request their e-mail through the comment system – no other method is accepted.

*E-mail accounts that send inappropriate, hateful, commercial, or illegal messages will be black-listed from the administrator’s contact list and will be reported to the e-mail providers of all parties involved.

*Only use e-mail to discuss about private matters, criticism and compliments, or personal information as abusing the PM system will result in being marked as spam.


*Punishments exist for term violations: users may be warned, blocked/banned, or reported to the WordPress staff and/or even law enforcement agencies who have their own punishments.

*Users must follow the terms set out by WordPress, however it is entirely up to the staff to enforce and punish users; those who attempt to bypass punishments will be reported for moderation.

*Even those part of WordPress staff and law enforcement must abide by these terms out of dignity and respect unless stated otherwise through private messages or in a criminal investigation.

Requests For Content Removal

*In the event that copyrighted content belonging to a third-party is found to be used illegally, the copyright holder need only to notify the administrator through e-mail for removal.

*However, if the intellectual property is stated and proven to be legal on the grounds of fair use or fair dealing in federal and/or international law, then the request will be denied.

*Copyright holders must state the reasons for copyright infringement that is logical and reasonable; reasons such as criticism or ethics are invalid and are not acceptable excuses.

Use of Personal Data

*Only the names, comments, and sites of the WordPress users will be tracked and recorded for legal and security purposes.

*Personal data may be compromised to law enforcement agencies in the event of a criminal investigation; it may be given to WordPress staff for moderation and on social media for publicity.

*It is strongly recommended to refrain from posting any personal or sensitive information should one want to protect their privacy.

Limitation of Liability

*Viewers and users alike cannot take legal action against the administrator unless international laws and treaties, basic rights and freedoms, and/or federal constitutions were violated.

*As this is a personal blogging site and not a public site, no warranty, exchange, or refund of any kind is authorized for the users.

*Failure to follow these terms due to ignorance; lack of reading; or absolute disobedience are not acceptable excuses when appealing to the administrator and WordPress staff.

Termination of Service

*Should one refuse to follow these terms without punishment, they must not have a WordPress account nor be a person that can be easily tracked by the statistics feature of WordPress.

*Any viewer that reads any blog posts that has been re-blogged or publicized on third-party sites or blogs do not need to follow these terms; however, they are subject to their terms.

*Members of the general public that abide by federal and international laws that do not use encryption methods may bypass all terms, with the exception of the copyright and communication terms.

Update #1: The Terms of Service/Use/Agreement that is created by the WordPress staff is also strictly enforced here as agreed through the Creative Commons License. Any violation of those terms will also be dealt with by the consequences of the staff. (Last Modified: April 2015) 

Update #2: Although these are rarely enforced, they must still be followed at the discretion of the administrator.  Should the punished wish to seek a lesser sentence they must abide by the rules; intentional infringement of any term will result in a stronger punishment. (Last Modified: October 2015)

Update #3: All terms have been shortened to half its original length, with each sub-section having only three points and older terms being merged or eliminated and new terms being added. Also, three new sections have been added for further enforcement. (Last Modified: December 2015)  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I know more about you?

A: By accessing the ABOUT” page in the widget menu icon beside the web-site name at the upper left hand corner of the home page. (Or you can always search it up in my search engine conveniently located at the top of the home page as well.) If you want to, you can write down your e-mail address in the comments and I will immediately delete it after adding it to my contact list so we can privately chat – but if you don’t have a WordPress account or you’re not signed in, then you automatically have to register your e-mail to comment on my blog posts.

Q: Where do I access a specific post or page if I can’t find it on the home page?

A: Again, all you have to do is search it up in the search engine, or view it in “ARCHIVES”and “CATEGORIES” also in the widget menu. The archives menu consists of the “history” of my site listed by months, while the categories menu consists of a list of different blog categories for a faster and customized post search.

Q: Why am I getting punished or moderated by the WordPress staff?

A: You have been punished for violating the “Terms of Service” that I have written and added into the “ABOUT” page and you must now pay the consequences after getting caught with sufficient evidence. By viewing and/or commentating on this site, you automatically agree to follow these rules whether or not you are aware or were made notice of it. Ignorance of these rules is no excuse to not follow them, especially since any person with a common sense should realize this when visiting any site on the web.

Q: How am I able to know who replied to my comments or any new comments?

A: Once there is at least one comment or you have commented on a post, there is an option in the form of a link that allows you to “follow comments”, which does just that. You will then be notified by e-mail if somebody has replied to you or there are new comments. You will also be notified through your WordPress account.

Q: What do I do if there is something wrong with your site?

A: Usually such an error occurs due to issues with the WordPress servers, internet browser (i.e., Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome), internet connection – wireless or wired, router/modem, and/or your ISP (Internet Service Provider). If not, then there could be something wrong with your computer; refreshing, restarting, and rebooting the site, browser, and computer usually does the trick.

Q: Why is a FAQ that is legitimately frequently asked not on here?

A: This page is still new and/or always changing to serve users and viewers with a better site experience. Please remember that not all questions can be added as each person can have their own questions. The administrator may also not be aware of such a question or its high popularity. If a question that is frequently asked is not published on this page, please leave it in the comments or e-mail the administrator directly.

Q: How come the reviews take so long to appear on your site?

A: Though it may seem like a walk in the park to make reviews, they actually take a long process with multiple steps that must be taken carefully to ensure good quality reviews. The reviews that I do are more like analyses, where I check each major section of a game. Since they are relatively longer than most reviews – critic and reader reviews alike – they will take longer to get published. Writing the reviews generally take a week to a month depending on how busy I am; editing it takes one to a couple days; and typing it takes a week.

Q: Why does the home page seem to “glitch” when you scroll too fast?

A: It has come to my attention that this glitch is triggered whenever you scroll too fast, try to access a post on the far side of the page, or attempt to load and re-load different pages quickly. This occurs because there is too much content on the home page, which slows down the loading and the transition. Pictures of high resolution and YouTube videos also slow it down significantly, causing lag with the site. I have fixed this by only making 5 posts load at one time, and you can access more by clicking the button, which has fixed this problem.

Q: When is the author going to update the site – it’s been several months since?

A: Due to personal reasons, I wasn’t able to add new posts during the months from August to October. You can view older posts in the meanwhile or even check out my Nigga Nintendo Nerd blog. As of November, I’m now back in business so expect to see a review being published at least once per month.

Q: Do the terms of service actually be enforced on this site?

A: Well, to be quite honest, I don’t even use them to begin with. It’s only for curious people to get more views, as well as to create fear in trouble-making trolls. Though there are some terms that I will follow and enforce in specific situations; however, such instances rarely or never happen due to the little traffic and WordPress users that view my site. I may or may not update the terms sometime in the future.

Q: Why don’t you review current or newest games instead of older ones?

A: This is a question that I get alot from other people indirectly by reading between the lines. I don’t review newer games because I do not own them and also since they have problems of their own caused by the developers that will only be fixed over time. I’m referring to things like DLC, micro-transactions, patches, online servers, expansions packs, costume skins, and the like. Older games from past generations have none of these issues or are not as prominent as today’s games.


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