How To Deal With Toxic Players

Anybody who’s played multiplayer games where you can play with random strangers online from around the world have encountered this issue before. Like with society, while majority of people are either neutral or good, there is always that small minority of assholes that spread their toxicity to make others suffer. This isn’t just limited to trolls sadly, as there also exists hackers, griefers, and what I like to call “punishers”. Knowing who they are, what they do, and how to deal with them can make online gaming a better experience and help you deal with losers in real life.

Origins of Toxic Lightweights

Now I’ve already written my own guide on Steam, but since this guide focuses on toxic players across all gaming platforms, I won’t be so specific. Let me start off with their origins – why they started being toxic to others in the first place. Majority of these rejects are kids and teenagers that have are either very bored, extremely immature, using the power of anonymity given by the internet, or are suffering from issues in real life and are venting their negative emotions. Adults that resort to these kinds of behaviours are doing it because they suffer from being a socio or a psychopath.

They tend to be college aged or still in their 20’s, aren’t financially successful, have a poor social life, and/or dealing with toxic people themselves. There can be other reasons but those are most common for them becoming sociopaths and hurting innocent people online. It gives them the power and satisfaction they lack in real life, leading to sadism, lack of empathy, and emotional manipulation. Looking back, I have to conclude my own mother is a sociopath so I know how to deal with them and what it’s like to be emotionally abused and neglected by such assholes.

Characteristics of These Idiots

  • Their profile is usually private to have full anonymity online.
  • If public it tends to reveal very little of their gaming activities.
  • Accomplished/played very little despite having joined for years.
  • Only or mostly plays games that are “competitive” to them.
  • Spends very little to no time at other games that are “casual”.
  • Has a controversial or NSFW profile username and avatar.
  • Very low level compared to other veteran players just like them.
  • Constantly changing their username and avatar for anonymity.
  • Having few friends that are just as low level and toxic as them.

Terminology of Losers

Trolls – These people are the most common and exist outside of online servers and lurk on forums, social networks, and other place where they can socialize with others. They tend to write anything they can to provoke others to get a negative reaction so they can feed on such emotions to satisfy their lack of positive ones. Resorting to pathetic tactics such as swearing, name-calling, threatening, hate speech, bigotry, childish comebacks, and so on. They also all for some reason love to censor to make themselves look better and lack original arguments instead by copying other people.

Griefers – Usually these players are the ones you meet in servers but they can exist in forums as well. Instead of using words to harass others, they will use actions which is more effective in pissing people off. Team-killing, idling, suicide, vote-kicking, and abandoning teammates are examples we’ve all been through. Words can’t stop them so you must fight back using actions to counter theirs. Unlike with trolls, simply ignoring them won’t solve anything and it just benefits them since they can then ambush the team or other players when they least expect it.

Hackers – Very obvious of what they do and more of these assholes exist on PC gaming rather than consoles due to easy access to installing cheat codes. While developers try their best to permaban such losers, some hackers are still persistent by using alternate accounts of using a different PC or IP address to bypass the punishments. Not much can be done with them other than reporting them to the developers who will then look into and investigate before punishing them. Games that have “dead” communities will have lots of hackers as companies no longer care about them.

Punishers – Rarest breed of toxic people that consist mostly of corrupted moderators, administrators, and developers themselves! Why do those with authority tend to abuse it when their egos are shattered so easily? They will use whatever tools they can to punish others to silence them or get even for insulting them or hurting their image. No, just because a moderator deletes your thread doesn’t automatically deem them to be toxic. People who also pretend to be moderators also fit in this group since they too try to punish others by snitching for bullshit reasons.

Strategies To Deal With Them

  • Block the player’s profile(s) so they can no longer play or contact you.
  • Mute their mic or disable yours completely to censor their trolling.
  • Report them to the moderators or developers depending on situation.
  • Ignore their posts in forums and move on with your awesome life.
  • Change the profile settings to private or restricted access to comments.
  • File a complaint or lawsuit against corrupted developers if need be.
  • Get ready to teamkill, votekick, or abandon griefers at moment’s notice.
  • Avoid playing games or game modes that have lots of toxic people.
  • Resort to only or mostly playing with friends or by yourself with bots.
  • Have other people ally with you and gang up on such toxic losers.
  • Appeal to people with high authority like admins and customer service.

Exceptions To This Guide

Of course, having a few or many of those traits listed above does not automatically deem them to be toxic. Many griefers and trolls know about these and some will actually try to disguise themselves among normal functional people. Others are just inexperienced or immature, maybe have had a bad day which isn’t anything abnormal, or have personality traits that turn people off. Usually mentoring or comforting such people can make them change their unintentional toxic behaviour. Hackers and punishers sadly can’t be dealt with regular means which is annoying.

Being passive aggressive such as ignoring and snitching should only be used as last resorts for the extremely toxic people. Once you’ve exposed or dealt with these toxic people, they tend to lose face and ego, and slowly vanish away from the community only to prey on other innocent victims. I do not recommend going against trolls and punishers directly unless you’re intelligent and rational like me, as I am able to outsmart them by using their manipulation against them and take their insults without being offended. I hope this guide has helped you and be safe online.




So Many PC Games Aren’t Optimized

Despite the superiority that PC has over gaming consoles, one thing which consoles will always have is well optimized games. If you’re a PC gamer like me, you’ll tend to discover so many older games from years or even decades ago that no longer work or have game breaking bugs on newer operating systems such as Windows 10. You’ll also notice usually the PC port of a triple A title that works perfectly fine on consoles is full of glitches for PC. And often times it’s usually the community that ends up modding the game to make it work rather than the lazy/greedy developers.

Of course, older games were specifically designed to run on the operating systems the developers had access to back then. Newer operating systems just didn’t exist so there was no way for them to make it compatible. However, often times the developers are able to fix it but they are simply lazy since unlike with publishing games on consoles there is no lengthy process enforced by the three major companies. On consoles the major competitors will make sure the games work with almost no bugs to ensure the consumers have peace of mind and not get pissed off.

Unfortunately such a process doesn’t exist on PC since it’s an open platform where you can install games from practically any company and website. So while PC games are released faster compared to console ports, the developers just won’t really care about optimizing it until people complain a lot. Other times developers are greedy and want to make a quick buck knowing that it can just be patched later. Since consoles have way more gamers playing them, developers will tend to focus more of their efforts to optimizing the console rather than the PC port.

Thankfully, since PC is indeed an open platform it’s not all doom and gloom. GOG is a website that distributes specifically older games from the mid ’90s to early 2000’s dedicated to being optimized for newer OS and hardware. If you’ve been on Steam, you’ll realize that lots of the older games aren’t optimized at all so head on over to GOG if you want old games that work. Oh right, if you’re playing a game that doesn’t require powerful hardware, sometimes that too can prevent you from actually playing the game without any major software issues.

Also due to poor optimization, it’s not really recommended to use a high end PC to play very low end games without tweaking it yourself first. Not all low end games are like this, but some are which may annoy the crap out of high end owners. But hey, at least PC offers universal backwards compatibility so long as you know where to find working games and fix broken ones yourself or by the community. And then there are some games that are just poorly optimized simply because of the way they were designed to be which can only be “fixed” by using better hardware.

Take Left 4 Dead 2 as a perfect example of a poorly optimized game. Despite being a game from 2009 and only requiring 256 MB of VRAM for recommended requirements, I still get very shitty framerate when there’s a huge horde. My laptop has 512 MB of VRAM so you would assume I can play at 1080p max settings and get 60-80 fps right? No it’s because the maps, weather, and zombies are not properly optimized since Valve rushed this game’s development to be released within a year only after L4D1 came out. The prequel took years to develop which resulted in better fps overall.

Maps such as Hard Rain, The Passing, Swamp Fever, and The Parish seem to have a lower framerate compared to Dead Center and Dark Carnival. Those maps tend to be very open ended, have lots of particle and weather effects, and tend to spawn so much zombies everywhere. The zombies themselves give off way more blood and gore then the prequel which actually lowers the framerate by a lot, and the fact that there is at least twice as much being spawned compared to l4d1. To be fair, certain parts of The Parish and The Passing are actually well optimized.

In the first game, it was rare to have more than 1000 zombies total in a campaign unless playing online. But in l4d2, that is now the standard offline and can reach over 2000 online which is a lot of damn zombies to kill! Plus the fact that there are always several special infected being spawned once instead of only one or two. I’ve lowered the blood/gore and played some mutations where the amount of zombies have been reduced, and when I did, holy shit did the framerate increase significantly even at much higher video settings that would’ve hindered me otherwise.

Other times the framerate is mostly consistent and I get 45-60 fps or even 60-80fps in some occasions since I disabled vertical sync. Okay, I mentioned before I am using mods and that is also to blame for overall crappy framerate, but even without them, I would still get 35-40 fps when there’s a horde instead of 25-35 fps. That’s still nothing impressive compared to the usual 45-60 range that I get. Sadly, with this and other poorly optimized games, one of the last resorts even after lowering video settings and modding the game is to get even more powerful hardware to run them.

Until there’s a lengthy but effective publication process that gets enforced by Valve, GOG, EA, Ubisoft, and Blizzard, some PC games will never be optimized properly. I still haven’t written my reviews for PC games yet as I’m still deciding to whether write and publish reviews for mobile games or to just move on straight to PC. I know back then I said I wouldn’t be writing editorials but if you’ve read my recent Then & Now article that I just updated a few days ago (which was supposed to be finished last summer) you’ll know otherwise about this and other updates I’ve planned.


Why PC Gaming Is Superior To Console Gaming

This editorial is something I wanted to get off of my chest for a long time and get published on to my website. Yes, you aren’t being delusional as I’m finally back from retirement after abandoning my blog for almost a year. Sorry but university and other things in real life have kept me occupied. So anyways, now that I have fully transitioned to PC gaming and moved on from consoles (until I become financially independent), I want to share my opinions on how PC’s are superior to consoles in mostly every way. Here are all the reasons why consoles are inferior to PC:

#1: Graphical Quality/Performance

While most console games still are rendered at 30 fps, I can easily play even more demanding games that my laptop can barely handle at 60 fps. The reality for PC games is that it has to be able to run at 60 fps with the range from 45-60 fps. Console games sadly run from 20-30 fps or even if running at 60 fps, the framerate isn’t consistent and is usually 35-50 fps. And that’s after the fact that developers had to optimize the game to run on the console by intentionally limiting the graphics. So not only do console games run like shit, they even look like shit compared to PC games.

On PC, the only thing that limits the graphics are current video game design software and technology, as well as the hardware you have to run the game. PC games not only run at higher framerates on average, but can also be rendered with better graphics and higher resolution. You can fully customize the video settings for PC games, ranging from shader, texture, models, effects, shadows, tessellation, anti-aliasing, filtering, vertical sync, and so on and so forth. With console games, what the developers put into the graphics is what you’ll be dealing with forever.

When comparing the graphics between console and PC, its usually medium to high settings that is the standard for the former. Unfortunately on PC medium to high settings still looks like garbage compared to high and very high settings. Yes, I know that with the newer consoles – PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, and Nintendo Switch – gamers can finally play at 4k resolution. However, the framerate and graphics will look like shit and it’s not even native 4k, probably just 1440p or 1080p upscaled to 4k lol. I’d rather play my games at native 1080p 45-60 fps then at sub 4k 20-30 fps.

It’s quite sad that console gamers still accept sub resolutions and very low framerate as acceptable. Even with my low end laptop (I will be getting mid range next year), I can still play GTA 5 at low to medium settings at 720p and get 30-40 fps. Let that sink in for a moment and realize how weak the original PS4 and Xbox One are compared to my shitty laptop. If my laptop actually met the minimum requirements, I could play GTA 5 at medium settings and get 60 fps at 768p. Oh right, you can also upscale the resolution for PC while consoles you’re stuck with the system’s resolution lol.

#2: Cheap Prices In Long Term

Sure it might seem impractical to get into PC gaming since you’ll need at least 800 USD to even get mid range and 1500 to build high end PC, but honestly it’s only expensive in the short term. For consoles the systems themselves may be cheap, but add in the costs of games, extra controllers and accessories, online subscription, it actually end up becoming even more expensive. With PC gaming on the other hand, you actually don’t have to spend that much money buying a PC if you can’t afford it. Just buy a less powerful computer or buy weaker components to build.

I can get about 20 games for 100 dollars during a huge sale on Steam, but if I spend the same amount of money for console games it won’t be so amazing. Console games tend to cost 60-70 or even 80 dollars now, and even used games cost between 20-40 dollars…unless you’re willing to pay 5 bucks for a game in shit condition without a manual and sometimes lacking a cover. PC games tend to cost 60-80 bucks as well for the really new games but then drop in value in a matter of months instead of years; eventually dropping to 40-50 bucks and then 20-30 in a few years.

And don’t even get me started with the sales that happen every other week! The games become as cheap as food from the grocery store and that’s often when people buy their games to not be ripped off. With controllers and accessories they are more expensive than their console counterparts I give you that, but you know what doesn’t cost any money at all whatsoever? Playing games online is totally free except when it comes to paying your internet bill of course! Why are console peasants willing to pay 50-60 bucks a month when I don’t have to pay at all?

To be fair, some games do require a subscription fee but that’s only because they’re MMORPG’s which require large servers to be maintained constantly. Oh yes, I mentioned buying cheaper components – you can easily upgrade your PC (except for laptops) instead of buying a whole new PC unlike with consoles! For consoles, if one part breaks and your warranty has expired or becomes void, you have to pay lots of money to buy a new console or have the company repair it. Another reason why PC gaming is superior are the upgrades which goes into the next reason…

#3: PC Parts Can Be Upgraded

Is your computer suddenly overheating or slowing down for some weird reason? Does your computer no longer meet system requirements for the latest games? Want to just customize your PC because you can? Well with PC gaming literally every component of it can be upgraded so you won’t have to buy another whole new computer altogether. Even with laptops, I can still at least upgrade the RAM and storage as well as hook it up to an external monitor to play at higher resolutions. Consoles cannot be upgraded so unfortunately every few years you have to buy the next gen system.

Okay yes, while the CPU and GPU are very expensive to upgrade, other parts such as RAM, HDD/SSD, monitor, optical drives, etc., are fairly cheap and can make the lifespan and performance much better. Of course if you’re always on a budget, you can opt to buy mid range parts instead of the super expensive high end parts. Let’s be honest, unless you’re into video editing or in a career requiring a powerful PC, there isn’t any point in even getting a high end PC besides bragging rights and personal leisure. And if you are poor, just buy a low end or mid range laptop instead.

The main difference between PC and console is that it’s customizable. So that means you can buy your components from any brand that makes them to make your PC run however you want. You’re stuck with what you get for consoles unless the company decides to build an upgraded variation or you choose their competitor. There are just so many options to choose from that you’ll be overwhelmed with how to make your system be awesome rather than by how shitty the components run. One more thing, I can optimize the components myself too.

#4: Full Optimization

If for whatever reason my PC isn’t working like it should or the performance has gotten weaker over time, I can always tweak it myself to improve it. There are so many softwares that exist which help in making my PC faster, delete unwanted cache and files, make the games run without interference, fix any major bugs by developers, and so on. For consoles, I would have to wait for the company to release a patch or update and that may sometimes not work. If I try to modify my console in any way, my warranty gets voided and its technically against the law.

I can also install updates to fix issues too on PC but unlike with consoles these patches are much faster to be available for download. PC software doesn’t have to go through the same bullshit process that Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have which can delay the time for updates to be released. Sure that way those three companies can give consumers peace of mind knowing the software and games won’t be buggy, but with PC the community itself can modify software to fix it themselves. Best of all, updates on PC aren’t mandatory unless you’re having major issues.

While modding is considered illegal for consoles and requires you “jailbreak” them, PC is readily available to be modded. Anybody with expertise in computers and programming can easily create the files that can fix any bugs or problems and then publish it online for others to install and use. Often times for console games, if they’re shit or developers refuse to fix any problems, you’re screwed; with PC, you can just have the consumers fix it for you if that’s the case. When you jailbreak a console, you risk making it unplayable or causing issues that can only be fixed by wiping everything.

#5: Mods For Extra Content/Replayability

If you’re ever bored of playing the same old games but don’t want to buy or can’t afford new games at the moment, then mod your current games. Anything from skins, sounds, animations, scripts, UI, game modes, maps, and more can be installed through the Steam workshop or via third party modding sites. This can add new content and replay value as well as satisfy any fantasies or wishes that developers won’t fulfill for you. Want to fight zombies consisting of Shrek, Mileena, Donkey Kong, and Diddy Kong in a map resembling a giant version of a kid’s bedroom? Well you can.

Of course if you install cheats or use non-aesthetic mods in online matches you will or may end up getting banned by the developers. But if you’re using mods offline or only with friends then it’s definitely ethical and legal. Only downside to mods are that they can be taken down by developers if they wish and can lower the performance since they’re not optimized to work well with the games. I’ve spent hundreds of hours in Left 4 Dead 2 from using mods alone. In fact, had it not been for the mods I would’ve stopped playing at 200 hours instead of 600 hours and continuing.

Again like with jailbreaking consoles, if you try to install mods do so at your own risk as it can totally mess your system up and it’s illegal. If caught using them online even if they aren’t cheat codes, you will get permabanned. Unlike with PC, you’re gonna have to buy an entirely new console if you want to play online once you’re banned. Sometimes mods can become their own games, which is how the Counter Strike franchise came into existence as it was originally a mod for Half Life. On Steam, you can even get paid by the developers for making mods and get customer support also.

#6: Customized Control(lers)

Sure for the Wii and Wii U there were those motion based controllers and you can use Kinect and PlayStation Move for Xbox One and PS4 respectively. But you can’t change the control layout to your liking now can you? You can’t decide to use keyboard/mouse then go to gamepad then go to joystick. And any third party controllers you buy for consoles are exact replicas of first party aside from design and few extra buttons. Oh, and you can use your PS4 or Xbox One controller for PC games too. You can at most use a keyboard for typing on console but not for gaming right?

Keyboard and mouse is honestly the real way to play video games, especially for shooters, simulation, sandbox, and MMO games. For platformers, racing, and fighting games it’s recommended to use a gamepad which again you’re able to use so long as you install the drivers and configure it before playing. On consoles you have to adapt to the control scheme given to you even if you dislike or hate it. I honestly can’t imagine how people can actually play shooters with a controller at 30 fps lol. I tried it once in Left 4 Dead (1) and died so many times on easy difficulty.

#7: Other Practical Uses

For gaming consoles you can at most play video games, and maybe just browse the web and watch movies with limitations. For PC, I can play video games, browse the internet, watch movies, listen to music, use all kinds of software from video editing to engineering a rocket, call and chat with people, and much much more. So even though I’m paying let’s say 1000 dollars for my mid range laptop next year, I can do lots of things that I can’t do on PS4 Pro costing 500-700 dollars. Yeah, so I’m wasting even more money buying a console as a PC is actually more practical.

Other gimmicks like virtual reality and motion controllers are also readily available on PC, albeit at a more expensive price. Everything that consoles can do, PC can do better and much more. It’s pathetic how Sony and Microsoft are trying  so hard for consoles to resemble PC’s when they’re originally designed to be different. The point of getting consoles is to play games without the bullshit and inconvenience of installing everything on PC just for it to launch and run properly. That ties into my next reason which I will elaborate right just about now very soon.

#8: Convenience Of Playing

The irony is that PC’s are now convenient for gaming than consoles are compared to the past. Back then you had to put the CD or floppy disk in, go through so much pages of installation setup, type in codes or keys, and then wait a long ass time. Once that was done, you had to wait for it to launch, configure the settings which was mandatory, and then be able to play the damn game. Guess what, that’s exactly what playing on consoles feels like in the days of PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. Why do I have to install the game to the fucking hard drive of the console just to play it?

With PC though, I can log in to Steam, GOG, EA Origin, uPlay, or Battle Net, buy the games directly from the store, wait for it to download, and then done. I then launch the game from the application and I can start playing unless I want to (most people will) change the video and controller settings which aren’t mandatory. For consoles, if a game is being installed it becomes a brick; sure that can be said for PC but I can still do other things and play games on other platforms. When I’m playing on console, I expect to put in the disc, wait for it to load, then start playing without any hassle.

#9: Competent Players Online

Since PC’s tend to be more expensive in the short term, it turns lots of people off including kids and their parents. Yeah, I know it’s sad that people don’t value long term results, but that’s human nature for you. Anyways, that means there are much less annoying rude kids playing CSGO that can’t even play if their lives depended on it and more mature adult gamers that aren’t sociopaths. Well PC gaming still has its fair share of trolls, griefers, and hackers but they’re nowhere near as much compared to consoles or at least for very competitive and popular games.

Even if there are more and more younger gamers transitioning or starting with PC gaming, they still won’t be able to play the newest games. Those require very powerful hardware and they most likely can’t afford to buy such high end components to upgrade their potato computers. The fact that indie and free to play games on the rise that can be run on shitty systems will attract even more incompetent and/or immature gamers to them instead of the harder and more popular titles. I guess it’s beneficial to use something that isn’t mainstream to everyone sometimes.

#10: Better Customer Support

If something goes wrong and shit hits the fan who are you going to contact and how will it be resolved? Oh right, with consoles you’re gonna have to wait a long time for Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft to even respond. You’ll most likely have to call them if their website’s FAQs don’t help much. Then when you ship the console to their repair center you’re gonna have to wait several weeks and may have to cover shipping or even repair costs depending on the circumstances. And if it doesn’t require repairing, their advice won’t help much if it isn’t a major or minor issue.

With PC, you can instantly contact customer support and depending on the situation, you can expect Valve or EA or whoever to respond within hours or days. They can easily help you out with whatever problem you have and can ask for files and logs from your PC so they can use it as diagnostic data. Or if you have a problem with a game and want to refund it, no questions asked as long as you meet their refund conditions. While Sony and Microsoft are well known for horrible customer support, Valve (sort of) and EA are known for excellent customer support.

And if the developers or companies can’t really help you or suck at it, there’s always the forums which can be instantly accessed. Just state your issue and expect other gamers with more experience and knowledge to respond with helpful advice within minutes or hours. So even if you think Valve fucking sucks at customer service now, the community won’t ever let you down (except for trolls of course). No need to sign up for extra accounts just to be able access the forums since it’s all tied under your one account used to buy and play games when you first registered.


There you have it, 10 reasons why PC gaming is and will be superior to console gaming unless the companies stop making it resemble PC’s. Of course, there are some advantages that consoles still have that PC’s won’t ever have (unless you’re using the Steam box thingie) which I might discuss in another editorial. I don’t suddenly have a hatred towards consoles nor am I fanboy to PC as I had my fair share of frustrations when playing games on PC. I hope you guys enjoyed my first article written ever since my last review from almost a full year ago and have a good day.

The Real Last Update

Okay, so I have just broken my promise of no longer updating my website with details of my life unless it were editorials on gaming or the “Then & Now”, but let me remind everyone of my life circumstances. I am currently a first year university student and I am very busy with lectures, homework, studying, socializing, and working, so don’t expect me to be a kiss-ass and keep creating new content. Don’t have that much time to write reviews and editorials as promised, though I will still publish reviews of video game systems and handheld devices as well as mobile operating systems.

So much has been going on in my life, and I unfortunately will no longer be sharing you anything about my personal life (except for my followers by request through e-mail). Realistically, the “Then & Now” probably won’t even be up until early to mid-November depending on how busy I really am, though it’s just a review of everything that happened on this site within the past year compressed to a few pages of writing. I have been playing mobile games but don’t have the time to play PC games via Steam, so said reviews will have to wait much longer to be published.

Ever since I published my review of No More Heroes, I’m actually surprised and happy at how the amount of followers has literally doubled within one month, when it took almost two years to get to half of that. This news alone has motivated me to come back and continue my journey on MRN even though I reminded you all that I was going to publish less content due to university in the past. Future written content will be decided upon soon so just wait a little bit longer before I reboot this site again. Before I leave you all until “Then & Now” article, I’ll leave a small update on my life.

I find university to be one of the best experiences in my life so far, as I finally get to stay the hell away from my dysfunctional family 24/7 and not be surrounded by people that are extremely stupid and incompetent at their roles in society. The legal and social rights and privileges of being an adult are finally mine; I now have the power to earn, save, and use money however I want (except for government loans); and I have absolute rights and freedoms denied to me by my family and the educational system. The latter is very hypocritical in promoting human rights but then denying them.

Life hasn’t been quite going the way I’ve expected or planned, but I’ve managed to go through or currently striving to clear these obstacles and learn from them. Although I barely started to make money, soon when I establish a solid foundation in the first semester, only then can I make abundant amounts in the near future. The future finally looks bright after 14 years of unspeakable pain and suffering. Be sure to read the “Then & Now” article when it does get published in November and look forward to the fourth season of reviews that I have to offer soon.

No More Heroes Review


Well, I just finished my last review over a month ago (sorry for the delay), so let’s complete this review to end all reviews for the Nintendo Wii once and for all! No More Heroes was published by Ubisoft but is developed by two companies Grass Hopper Manufacture and Marvelous Entertainment –  both led by the infamous Suda 51. He is the CEO of the former developer and was the brainchild behind Killer 7 for the Nintendo Game-Cube, which of course, makes it an inspiration of N.H.M. You know, both being a beat-’em-up game where you get to kill people for sport.

I honestly have no idea why G.H.M and Suda 51 decided to develop No More Heroes; not many copies were sold were sold yet a sequel and HD remake was released in 2010 and 2011 respectively. This is a game that I got and played very recently – like back in January and July – so my impressions are just fresh off the boat that is rare. N.M.H. was purchased alongside Monster Hunter Tri and the legendary Xenoblade-Chronicles in September 2015! I urged to get more third-party games and nothing to play at the time, though due to time constraints, I never started Xenoblade.

At first I blindly assumed that N.M.H was a mindless sword slasher with tons of blood and violence based on gameplay footage. But after I realized that there was much more to do with more fun than I imagined it to be, although I don’t recommend this to younger audiences due to the excessive mature content found here. To sum things up, N.M.H is a bloody action game which you hunt down assassins to be #1 with a light-saber, filled with humorous plot and catchy music, but low content and poor graphics. Of course, there’s more to it than that but spoilers are for later on.


No More Heroes is a game that consists of multiple genres and borrows its gameplay elements from various franchises, such as Zelda and GTA to name a few. Aside from being a beat-’em-up action game with the main objective of hunting down 10 assassins, it’s also an adventure game offering exploration, arcade offering mini-games and power-ups, and so on. Before each fight though, you must pay a huge entrance fee to the association, with the money earned via side-jobs and assassination missions.

It gets repetitive like right after the first 2 bosses; however, the different missions and jobs are diverse and fun to try out. Also, each assassin is unique with both the fighting style and personality so you’ll be entertained by the plot and gameplay. You get to kill an army of minions each time before a boss fight which is great practice and fun. Honestly, if there was much more to do and way more boss fights, N.M.H would be the perfect “hack-‘n-slash” for hardcore gamers.

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There aren’t that many game mechanics but I will discuss the sword-fighting and also the motorcycle mechanics. You’re equipped with a light-saber called a beam-katana here that serves as the only weapon; while slashing is done with button mashing, blocking and finishing moves are performed with motion controls. It is possible to upgrade with stronger and/or faster blades though training in the gym makes a difference. Motorcycle is you main method of transportation in the hubworld.

Commands that you can execute include boosting, drifting, and jumping besides just steering and accelerating. Boosting allows you to go faster but there’s a meter; drifting is very awkward though it helps so much if done correctly since the steering in this game is atrocious; and jumping is needed to reach the second and first assassins. Other game mechanics include the power-up system which is simple but complex. Whenever you kill an enemy with finishing moves you get a power-up randomly, as three casino slots must align with the same symbol to activate.

You either shoot powerful energy balls, enemies being in slow-motion, instantly killing nearby enemies, having super speed, and releasing an energy explosion killing everybody within your radius (ineffective towards bosses). They only seem to appear more often when you suck at the game, while the last power-up almost never appears as I only used it once out of the hundreds of times I activated the slots. You can also collect balls found in the hubworld and trade them to an old drunk to learn new techniques that I’ll cover later on as it’s more relevant then.

N.M.H is played only with the Wii Remote & Nunchuk strictly, which are very simple and intuitive to use. The control stick is to move Travis, C button is for 1st person view, and the Z button is for camera reset and enemy lock-on targetting. The d-pad is to change the camera angle or dodging when locked on to an enemy. A button is to swing the sword to attack enemies, perform combos, and unleash a charged slash when charged. B trigger button is for melee attacks that can also stun and activating wrestling moves.

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The – button is for using that explosion power-up and + button is for the map. Finally pressing the 1 button is to recharge the battery and the 2 button to toggle the mini-map on or off. In addition, the dodge move is needed for charged and unblockable attacks from enemies and bosses, whereas the charged slash goes through blocks and counter-attacks. If you repeatedly press A after charging, you will perform a beheading move the instantly kills multiple enemies. Swing the Wii Remote and Nunchuk according to the on-screen prompts for wrestling and finishing moves.

You can tilt the Wii Remote to perfom either a low or high block that can defend against said incoming attacks. Many enemies and bosses will attack and defend in these two stances, so it’s important to master it or you will easily die. There actually exists a special counter-attack called the quick or circle dodge, which is tilting the control stick right after a boss or enemy attacks you. Do it right and then you can attack them repeatedly for extra hits while they’re stuck in slow motion. However, some bosses and enemies are either immune or are fast enough to dodge this.

N.M.H has three difficulties to choose from, with the latter only available after beating the game once. They are SWEET which is the easiest, MILD as normal, and BITTER as the hardest, with differences in damage, health, moveset, and AI. I honestly recommend SWEET for casuals and beginners while MILD for all else. BITTER should only be for the extremely hardcore or skilled as it is very, very difficult. I actually found the game to be super easy on both SWEET and MILD as long as you’re not arrogant.

To be frank, only the boss fights and certain assassination missions as well as some side jobs are challenging, while the rest are pathetically annoying or easy. The majority of the game is spent on mundane and repetitive tasks, ranging from fighting swarms of enemies to picking up garbage on the streets. Players will always have to mash the A button then swing the Wii Remote to kill, and have to follow on-screen button and/or motion prompts for jobs which gets boring after awhile. It’s the bosses requiring skill and strategy with some even having instant death moves.


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Being released in 2007, N.M.H has terrible looking graphics despite what critics and the developers have said otherwise. It’s sadly rendered in 480i SD running at a shitty frame-rate ranging from 20 to 30 FPS (sometimes even to 10-20) in the hubworld, but it goes from 30-60 FPS usually between 50-60 in the actual fights. Grasshopper decided to use a cel-shaded art style for characters and objects but normal aesthetics for all other in-game models and textures. Far away it looks good, average distance it’s okay…but then up close is when it looks like diarrhea vomit.

Textures are comparable to that of DreamCast games whereas coloring is dull and dark with browns, blacks, and greys. Seriously, the lighting is just done poorly looking like a person with to artistic skill or talent attempted to do water-coloring on regular thin paper. It unfortunately demotes the game to looking with GameCube graphics although the cel-shaded models actually benefit from its own unique lighting resembling a mix between comic book and realism. If it weren’t highly detailed models looking realistic and accurate proportions, N.M.H would not qualify as a Wii game.

The soundtrack is very repetitive with the boss themes and a few miscellaneous pieces that are diverse worth listening to. You’ll hear the main theme and remixes of it repeatedly but it’s very catchy and composed brilliantly – it will get stuck in your head which is great! Boss themes are memorable for their diverse genres, catchy tunes, and sophisticated compositions; I like the themes of the ninth, seventh, second, first, and the bonus-ranked assassins. The names given to the song are bizarre yet creative, such as Oxygen Graffiti and Pleather For Breakfast.

Sound quality is surprisingly good since the voice acting and BGM can be heard clearly without background noise or interference. It doesn’t sound too quiet or too loud, nor is there an imbalance with the different sounds. Consequently, it is loud and clear with almost all details heard resembling close to HD sound quality. With the Wii Remote speaker turned on, players can listen in on Sylvia speaking to Travis before each boss fight for hilarious and corny conversations.

Plot Analysis

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Before the story begins, you can choose one of three difficulties and then an interactive scene ensues prompting players to control Travis to ride his motorcycle. After leaving the motel like a crazy person, an introduction serving as the prologue follows suit. So basically Travis is a man-child who is obsessed with anime, wrestling, and video games that is near bankruptcy. He then decides to get a job during one night in a bar after meeting Sylvia Christel, becomes sexually attracted and flirts with her, and is hired as an assassin.

To become permanently accepted into the association, Sylvia requests that he take down two assassins: Helter Skelter and Death Metal. The former is killed in the intro while the latter is killed after Travis trespasses his mansion and kills all his guards. He qualifies to become a hit-man but realizes Sylvia set him up as his life is now at risk. Travis requests she engage in sexual intercourse with him if he becomes #1, which motivates him to take down the remaining 10 assassins – did I say 10…I meant 9!

9th ranked assassin begins with Dr. Peace, who is a Native American police detective specializing in illegal goods and investigations, as well as working for criminal organizations and the black market. Travis is forced to pay an entrance fee for the remaining assassins to participate in these fights; however, he is offered to work in side jobs and assassination mission to compensate for the expenses. After storming through Destroy Stadium, he hears him sing an amazing song before complaining about his estranged daughter.

Travis successfully murders him, also discovering the entrance fees are bit of a scam as they’re used for covering the expenses of the association and its members. He is called by Sylvia to meet with the next assassin in Santa Destroy High School – her name is Shinobu and is the daughter of a famous pro-wrestler who was murdered, hoping to avenge his father. She assumes he was the killer as her father was “sliced in two” from a beam katana. He of course spares her life for being too young and hopes she finds the truth.

He confronts the seventh ranked assassin in Bear Hug Studio right after taking the subway and slaughtering dozens of people. He appears as an ordinary mail-man but then dawns a superhero costume, attempting and does trick Travis into being electrocuted by a tazer in his hand. Destroy-Man (his alter ego) proceeds to kill him with a shock-wave attack and laser blasts and beams. Miraculously surviving from the attacks, they fight which Destroy-Man yells out all his attacks making him very predictable.

Near death, Destroy Man tries to kill Travis one last time through bullets launched from slots on his nipples. He is sliced in two and Travis then moves on the next assassin at Body Slam Beach but not before killing dozens of military soldiers. She is foreign lingerie model from Sweden, having a prosthetic leg capable of shooting missiles and storing grenades, which makes Travis uncomfortable for fighting a woman. He eventually wins though is hesitant to kill her; Holly then sets a grenade to commit suicide to declare defeat, and her body is buried in the beach.

The fifth ranked assassin is a Russian magician by the name of Harvey which Travis confronts only because Sylvia bought tickets to his show for reserved seating. He boards the subway and dreams of a retro arcade shooting mini-game instead of killing people. After waking up, he arrives at his subway station and enters the theater with Sylvia in a beautiful dress. Harvey appears and performs a few tricks before inviting Travis on stage and apologizes for revealing that his parents passed away.

They fight after a failed attempt at killing Travis with the magician obviously using magic tricks as fighting tactics. Travis slices his eyes with his sword, blinding him and the assistants pin him down to the giant saw-blade, with Travis and Sylvia making out right after. The next hit-man isn’t fought at all since Letz Shake and his military robotic weapon are sliced in two by another lightsaber wielder by the name of Henry Cooldown. Travis is interrupted by Sylvia, allowing Henry to get away, angering him and asks if she knows him.

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Third-ranked assassin is an old lady with a laser shooting machine that can disguise as a shopping cart. Jeane (the cat, not his lover) goes missing and coincidentally finds her in a nearby city where the fight begins after arriving by bus. Thunder Ryu who is Travis’ mentor in wrestling, is seen struggling against a giant laser beam with a samurai sword, warning his apprentice to back off and has nothing left to teach him. He is blown up into smithereens, bringing both anger and sadness to Travis who swears vengeance.

Speed Buster is defeated once Travis reaches a pole that knocks down on her machine destroying it. He beheads her in anger and avenges his master, claiming his sword to use it and honor him. Sylvia seemingly disappears as her assistant reveals through phone and a note from a pigeon crashes through his bedroom window telling him to revisit Destroy Stadium. He takes his motorcycle inside and enters the hidden basement through a shaft in the baseball diamond. An attractive young blonde wearing a Victorian style dress is seen wielding a baseball bat.

She kills every man in bondage attire coming out from the conveyor belt, drinking soda to replenish energy and offers Travis some. He rejects it and is disgusted with her mentality with her job. Bad Girl cares not about him and fights in an extremely long and difficult battle though she is finally killed too. He faints on the ground with Sylvia’s assistants probably carrying him back to his motel while unconscious. Preparing to fight the final assassin, Travis has his motorcycle stolen upon exiting his hotel room and giving chase.

He finds it at the highway ramp, entering the highway to finish the assassin business once and for all. Travis soon finds out by Sylvia’s mother before that she is a con artist and the whole association was one big set-up. Upon reaching the forest, Travis’ motorcycle breaks down so he must travel by foot. He then confronts the ghost of Ryu and reads his letter complimenting him. Finally at the castle entrance, Dark Star appears as the last assassin, claiming to be his father and asking him to remember why he started his journey.

He reveals that he only became an assassin to avenge his parents who were tragically killed by his past girlfriend Jeane. Lo and behold, Dark Star is killed by Jeane herself appearing before Travis. He is mocked by being stupid and naive, to which he is surprised and angry at her, wanting to know why she killed his parents and destroyed his home. He reveals that while he discovered the association was fake, it was Sylvia who (along with Thunder Ryu and others) helped him exact retribution by killing the assassins.

It was sort of like training where he gained the skill and speed to defeat Jeane in battle. She tells Travis in a fast-forwarded cutscene that the two ex-lovers are actually half-siblings, since they have the same father but different mothers. Jeane’s mother committed suicide after their father married and fell in love with Travis’ mother. While to Travis he was a caring family man, in reality he sexually abused Jeane for her entire childhood, forcing her to run away and vowing to kill him.

She resorted to prostitution as a means to fund her martial arts training, eventually murdering Travis’ parents, prompting Travis to seek vengeance through training from Thunder Ryu and the UAA by Sylvia. He berates Jeane that two wrongs don’t make a right, and that “vengeance begets vengeance” to which she replies with a rude remark and begins the battle. After seemingly defeating Jeane in a long and tough battle, she ambushes Travis by fisting his stomach, only to have Shinobu come out of nowhere and slice her hand off.

This allows Travis to finally get revenge and kills Jeane, accepting her fate after wanting to no longer live her tragic life. Travis Touchdown proclaims that his career as an assassin is over with Sylvia and Shinobu watching close by. With the main story over, Travis shits in the bathroom when suddenly the door is sliced in two and a black man asks if he’s the first-ranked assassin. He wields a purple beam katana and attempts to kill him, but is sliced in half by Henry asking to fight in the parking lot.

They fight a long battle with both evenly matched in both skill and power; Henry then reveals he is his older twin brother and Sylvia is in fact his wife. He is in shock, confused on how to end the game until they decided to both honorably kill each other. Credits roll with an art portriat of Travis and Henry about to kill one another, with Slyvia’s young daughter appreciating it, following her mother leave afterwards. Actually, both assassins live as Sylvia intervenes allowing Desperate Struggle to occur.

You can already tell that the atmosphere is dark and mature, yet funny and corny to balance out the violent and sadistic elements. I forgot to tell you readers the game occurs in a fictional poverty-stricken town called Santa Destroy in California, USA in 2007. Aside from the main characters, there’s Professor Naomi, an expert in beam katanas and wears sexy clothing; Bison, who is Travis’ best friend and owns the Beef Head store; and Randall Lovikov, a Russian alcoholic offering special techniques in exchange for Lovikov balls.

While the plot is written well, it suffers from not filling in the gaps between each boss fight making the transition awkward. But at least the plot is consistent and doesn’t die down throughout the middle only to be picked up during the end. It is sort of repetitive as with gameplay progression, though the confrontation with the assassins are always different from one another; interesting and funny to watch with times where it’s serious and realistic. Other supporting or secondary characters get involved which improves it.

Cutscenes are few and far in between, both in quality and quantity as most are that of Travis simply listening to his voice messages on his phone/fax machines. The best are obviously involving him meeting and killing (or defeating) the assassins and the interactions with Slyvia; as well as the introduction, prologue, conclusion, epilogue, and ending cutscenes. What sucks is they are all in-game so you can see how bad the graphics are with the low-rez textures, dull and ugly colors, terrible lighting/shadow, jaggy models, and inconsistent frame-rate.

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Since it’s presented in a cinematic and timely manner, they make N.M.H. feel like a plot-heavy game with plot progression beneficial to players who clear through the ranks in order to watch cutscenes as a reward. Animation is developed greatly with many special effects, techniques, camera angles, and choreography making it feel like a superhero and comedy movie. There aren’t any CGI cutscenes while QTE are limited to the ending cutscene to the fights of Dr.Peace and also Jeane (the assassin, not the cat).

Probably the script is the best feature of N.M.H plot of course. The humor is just over the top with offensive insults, slapstick comedy, breaking the fourth wall, mature themes, perverted and violent scenes, and excessive swearing. Despite it there are often times when it gets very emotional and serious, adding realism and enabling players to sympathize with characters and making their personalities very serious. Voice acting is performed amazingly well as it’s believable unlike that of Hollywood shows and movies.


After beating the game, you will unlock Bitter difficulty and the New Game Plus. Bitter is of course the hardest difficulty; bosses and enemies have the most health, deal maximum damage, and are the most intelligent. This is only recommended for extremely hardcore gamers unless being fucking angry as an alcoholic is kind of a thing. New Game Plus allows you to have all of your weapons, money, techniques, strength, health, cards, and clothing in a new save file with only story progression and ranking erased.

Honestly, it’s the replay value where N.M.H. excels at as everything from missions and collectibles to the boss fights are repetitive yet addicting. It may lack quantitative content but the appeal to repeatedly play over and over provides both quality and quantity. Perhaps it’s the brilliant mix of button-mashing and motion controls, or it might just be the extreme violence, high profanity, as well as the blood and gore. In the HD remake on PS3 and Xbox 360, there’s Very Sweet Mode with the female assassins wearing revealing outfits.

Santa Destroy serves as this game’s hubworld, and unfortunately for the most part, is one of the worst hubworlds for a sandbox game. Majority of the buildings are useless and just there for aesthetic purposes – nah, actually most of the town. Only roughly a dozen buildings are actually used by Travis and are all conveniently located closeby. What sucks is that walking is not even enabled inside buildings and interaction with people and objects are done via menus. Many buildings are also generic, vacant, and visually unappealing.

There are very few but unique buildings and areas that serve as landmarks with visual appeal…but you can’t go inside them unfortunately. Only the Destroy Stadium, Santa Destroy High School, Slam Body Beach, and the abandoned subway station are accessible as they serve as levels leading up to the boss fights. The roads are many in number yet the quantity is completely unecessary, as well as open pavement/concrete and fields littered across town. Alley-ways and parking lots have dumpsters with money and clothing serving as poor exploration.

For the levels, there’s the mansion of Death Metal, Destroy Stadium, Santa Destroy High School, the abandoned subway network, Bear Hug Studio, Body Slam Beach, that performance theatre, some underground tunnel, Speed City, and finally the highway. These are barebones as levels can get with little to no exploration, boring room layout, virtually no interactive elements, and being very linear as progress is made by defeating all enemies to be granted entry into the next room. But at least it looks nice and realistic to make up for the poor design.

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Since the town is near poverty, you won’t see much or do much though this is just a piss poor excuse by the developers for not trying hard enough. Santa Destroy as a whole is non-linear but the few accessible buildings are very linear. By the way, these rare gems consist of: No More Heroes Motel, Beef Head Video Store, Thunder Ryu’s Building, Naomi’s Laboratory, Area 51 (Clothing Store), Gold Town, Job Center, and finally K-Entertainment. With the exception of the motel and the training gym, all buildings are meant to serve one purpose.

In order to access the levels, you have to pay an entrance fee to the UAA’s bank account which breaks the flow and progression of the gameplay and plot. Once you clear them, they can never be accessed again albeit a few rooms and fields within assassination missions. Such pathetic stages only take 10 to 15 minutes to clear with the bosses also around the same duration. Before each battle, you can enter a room or open area with a bathroom to save progress, and also pick-up items to replenish health and battery.

N.M.H. offers a variety of different weapons, clothing, pick-up items, and hidden goodies to collect and/or to use. Clothing can be found within dumpsters and bought at the Area 51 store, including sunglasses and belts but are for purely aesthetic value. Hidden items are just trading cards or wrestling masks alongside with concept art of assassins and main characters hidden inside treasure chests scattered across the levels. It also considers Lovikov balls which can be found throughout the town and traded for techniques.

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Yup, these balls also force players to explore the barren hubworld; however, exchanging 7 of them to Randall grants you a skill each time. These give Travis new abilities expanding upon his arsenal of moves. They consist of dashing in the hubworld, performing a jump-attack, seeing enemies on the mini-map, extending the range of your grab, extending Dark Side mode, and the like. Pick-up is just pizza to replenish health and stereotypical looking batteries to replenish battery for your katana.

Weapons are all of course beam katanas, which can be bundled with upgrades that increase power output and reduce battery usage. Travis starts off with the weakest and slowest with no upgrades, the Blood Berry; then the Tsubaki MK-I, a longer blade offering upgrades and improved strength, maneuverability, and range. Soon later in the game, you unlock Tsubaki MK-II, having multiple blades with the best power but the slowest and heaviest. Finally there’s the Tsubaki MK-III, a samurai sword with the best speed, weight, agility, and range.

It is slightly weaker than the Tsubaki MK-II but stronger than the others, and it has a battery that never runs out so no recharging is required! Defeating each boss earns you extra health that is permanent; in fact, training at the gym in Thunder Ryu’s building increases even more health, extends beam katana combo, and also “strength” apparently making boss fights easier. Speaking of the assassins, they’re essentially the main focus of the game as you clear the rankings to kill Jeane and avenge your fallen parents.

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Each of them has their own fighting style, moveset, and weapons, with many fighting strategies and high damaging or instant death moves. They are from descending order. Helter Skelter, #10: Death Metal, #9: Dr. Peace, #8: Shinobu, #7: Destroy-Man, #6: Holly Summers, #5: Letz Shake, #4: Harvey, #3: Speed Buster, #2: Bad Girl, #1: Jeane, and Henry Cooldown. These bosses can take dozens of hits or even hundreds on harder difficulties, but quick dodge and wrestling moves enable extra damage.

While strategy and skill are needed, they all follow the same fighting process: wait for them to attack, dodge or block it, and then approach and attack, using quick dodge and wrestling when possible. Later bosses undoubtedly get much harder as it takes longer to attack them, many of their attacks must be dodged or blocked correctly, and the battle is dragged on forever. Enemies are freaking easy and nothing more for humor and to warm up before fighting the bosses.

Button mashing takes care of most minions, while others need to be blocked and then slashed repeatedly. Later on, you should use jump attacks, combos, and finisher moves to deal with multiple enemies. If I never mentioned it before, shaking the Wii Remote in addition to swinging in the specific direction on screen charges up the finisher move to deal massive damage and larger range. You can use an instant beheading move which I don’t really know how to execute though it’s very similar to charged combo attack.


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Now while I did mention about replay value in the past, I never really discussed how long the content takes to beat nor its specifications. It take approximately 20 hours for the first playthrough, 30+ hours for the new game plus, and 5-12 hours for a speed run and/or consecutive attempts. Side jobs and killing missions have a ranking system which you’re given a medal and monetary record that shows your performance. Boss fights have this too but have time, damage taken, attack combos, and enemy kills as factors.

So not only for bragging rights and ego inflation but also for more and money as well as to unlock extra content. Side jobs are few (only 9) though completely different that offer creative tasks to complete such as hunting scorpions, finding coconuts, or destroying land-mines. Most of the assassination quests are just murdering all the enemies though some must be done in bizarre ways. They consist of using wrestling moves only, deflecting baseballs to athletes, killing a specific target, with controls and mature content adding fuel to the fire.

What sucks is that the awesome boss fights are a few star clusters in a large galaxy; however, the new game plus more than makes up for it. You’re able to relive not just the boss fights but also other great moments as well, without having to get back all your weapons, upgrades, skills, strength, collectibles, and money. So you can skip side quests if you despise them and forget about having to start all the way from scratch – plus, it’s easier and better to embark on harder difficulties this way.

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No More Heroes was a fun and addicting game that I thoroughly enjoyed all the way and my first time playing a mature-rated and beat-’em-up game. Okay, to be honest I got pissed off with many of the killing missions and struggled with the boss fights, but with enough practice, this no longer was an issue. This was the first time that the boss’ AI would outsmart me when I became too arrogant and careless which helped me in the long-run. I love the humor of Suda 51 and look forward to playing Desperate Struggle.

Even though I criticize the game’s flaws, I’m just trying to be realistic by analyzing it from a critical point of view. Graphics don’t look as bad except in the cutscenes while we all have to agree that even just a little more content would’ve helped. The plot and music are phenomenal with only minor flaws; whereas the controls are questionable with the awkward dodging, knockback effect, and bizarre lock-on targetting which create confusion and frustration in gamers.

To end this review off, No More Heroes is a funny yet serious game filled with adult content that compliments the action-packed gameplay putting off the 1980’s vibe. Despite it having atrocious graphics, frustrating combat mechanics, barebones content, the misadventure of Travis Touchdown is something recommended for the hardcore crowd. With memorable music, fluid controls, brilliant plot, and epic boss fights, this is a high-quality game that is not to be missed including Desperate Struggle and Heroes Paradise.