The Real Last Update

Okay, so I have just broken my promise of no longer updating my website with details of my life unless it were editorials on gaming or the “Then & Now”, but let me remind everyone of my life circumstances. I am currently a first year university student and I am very busy with lectures, homework, studying, socializing, and working, so don’t expect me to be a kiss-ass and keep creating new content. Don’t have that much time to write reviews and editorials as promised, though I will still publish reviews of video game systems and handheld devices as well as mobile operating systems.

So much has been going on in my life, and I unfortunately will no longer be sharing you anything about my personal life (except for my followers by request through e-mail). Realistically, the “Then & Now” probably won’t even be up until early to mid-November depending on how busy I really am, though it’s just a review of everything that happened on this site within the past year compressed to a few pages of writing. I have been playing mobile games but don’t have the time to play PC games via Steam, so said reviews will have to wait much longer to be published.

Ever since I published my review of No More Heroes, I’m actually surprised and happy at how the amount of followers has literally doubled within one month, when it took almost two years to get to half of that. This news alone has motivated me to come back and continue my journey on MRN even though I reminded you all that I was going to publish less content due to university in the past. Future written content will be decided upon soon so just wait a little bit longer before I reboot this site again. Before I leave you all until “Then & Now” article, I’ll leave a small update on my life.

I find university to be one of the best experiences in my life so far, as I finally get to stay the hell away from my dysfunctional family 24/7 and not be surrounded by people that are extremely stupid and incompetent at their roles in society. The legal and social rights and privileges of being an adult are finally mine; I now have the power to earn, save, and use money however I want (except for government loans); and I have absolute rights and freedoms denied to me by my family and the educational system. The latter is very hypocritical in promoting human rights but then denying them.

Life hasn’t been quite going the way I’ve expected or planned, but I’ve managed to go through or currently striving to clear these obstacles and learn from them. Although I barely started to make money, soon when I establish a solid foundation in the first semester, only then can I make abundant amounts in the near future. The future finally looks bright after 14 years of unspeakable pain and suffering. Be sure to read the “Then & Now” article when it does get published in November and look forward to the fourth season of reviews that I have to offer soon.


Final Destination

Let’s begin this blog delay update by apologizing to specifically my followers for not updating or posting new reviews on this site for several months. Remember that I was in high school before and had to focus my time and effort in passing the exams in order to be accepted into university. Now that I graduated from high school, got accepted into university, and spending my summer doing jack-squat, it’s time to give another update to let you readers know what’s going on in my life. Yes, based on the title, this will be the last update I will be posting on this site.

Well kind of…the true last update will be the third rendering of the “Then & Now” article I post once a year to commemorate my accomplishments. You can access it in the drop-down menu which will be available in late August to early September. I recently published my review for Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing and am currently writing my No More Heroes review. Due to time constraints and life circumstances, I unfortunately will not be posting anymore reviews for the Nintendo Wii, so that is the last one. After that is uncertain but here is what I have in mind.

Mentioned before, I will create and publish reviews of systems. The following is a list of systems I will review and is final: Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Game-Cube, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Wii U, Game-Boy Color, Game-Boy Advance, Game-Boy Advance SP, Nintendo DS lite, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo 3DS. So that also includes handhelds which you followers should look especially forward to. After all that, I will then go on to review iOS and Android OS, as well as games for mobile and tablet devices. I may or may not review games for Steam/PC but watch for that too.

Instead of writing blog updates to fill in the void between every review, I will now begin to write editorials. I used to do this on my old blog site (which has been discontinued and deactivated for some time now) and I plan to reboot that. I originally wanted to also write news articles about video games but that’s just a waste of time and many gaming networks and internet celebrities already do that. Monster Hunter Tri is taking forever to beat so I can’t review that as much as I honestly wanted to. What a year has this been with all what’s going on in my life!

Since this is the very last blog update (besides the “Then & Now”), I want to make this special. I just want to thank everyone who’s helped me on this long journey, and that includes game developers, gaming networks, gaming YouTubers, WordPress followers, and most importantly, you the readers. I also regret how the site can no longer review video games for hardcore audiences but life’s unfair and I have university to attend to. Before I leave, let me tell you a bit more about my personal life; read carefully, as this and the “Then & Now” will be the last life updates.

This summer has been particularly boring since I no longer have high-school and no vacation to attend to. I tried to find part time job in the past, but due to my experiences and life circumstances, I just gave up. I am still fighting my health issues as I indicated before, and plan to visit the nose specialist and either a psychologist and/or psychiatrist to diagnose and treat my social anxiety. I recently got and am typing on my first ever laptop (previous one was family laptop) and am soon getting my first cellphone. My parents are cheapstakes and distrust me sadly.

In addition, I am officially attending university, though which one for certain I am not too sure (either York or Guelph). Due to my procrastination, I still have to apply for financial aid through government loans, and I never completed the job application process of the military, though they gave me a second chance. They are willing to re-open my file if I visit them personally to start over so I can always work in the reserves as a last resort. Soon I will cease to be a minor, and when that happens, I will finally get the legal and social rights and privileges of an adult.

I’m sick and tired of all my life being treated like a child, being denied rights and privileges, and never having independence. That’s all going to change in university, but unlike others, I have to get the hell out of here as soon as possible. I’ve come up with several brilliant money making methods that will be executed in September. These offer a lot of money but also high risk which I am willing to take for a better future. My parents are the ones that are the root of all my limitations in life, and moving out is the only way so wish me luck on this hard journey.

Of course, how I accomplish all this is private and none of your business. I’m optimistic and a realist simultaneously, so don’t worry about me being foolishly naive about life and society because I’m not. I’ll be extremely careful and private about what I do and what I say which will benefit me in the long run. And that’s all I have to say, which I can’t believe that this update has come to an end. But like with anything, all things good and bad must eventually come to an end. Remember to read my “Then & Now” article once it is complete for the final update to end all blog updates.

A few more things to mention before I finally stop writing blog updates. I of course opted out of reviewing SimCity Creator and am currently reviewing No More Heroes as we speak. I will also review the controllers, accessories, and add-ons (i.e., online) of each video game console I plan to review in the future. After the aforementioned reviews are complete, then I will go back and review consoles games again, starting with the Nintendo Game-Cube, then the N64 and Wii U, and then Play-Station. The future is not certain and can change so I hope for the best and see you soon!

Major Site Update

I know that it’s been a long time ever since I had written video game reviews for this site, but as you know, I’m just very busy with my life. Since my last update, I have completed more homework and tests than usual and am currently completing major assignments for most of my courses that will affect my future. If I don’t be serious with maintaining good grades, then I won’t be able to go to the University of Guelph and be forced to go to a shitty community college instead. I finally got an offer of admission from York, but honestly they’re just doing that so they can earn my money (which isn’t working).

As for the military, I have went to the recruitment center again for an amplitude test and successfully passed it despite guessing most the answers and only getting roughly two thirds of it correct. Strange how I never did the physical fitness test, but now they actually want me to do it, along with a medical exam and job interview back-to-back on the same day (not the test though). So I’m assuming that they actually want me to work for them and that they have high hopes that I will pass their trials and get hired. Due to school and me wanting to spend summer for rest, I don’t think I can work.

I went to the nose specialist again to check with my nose, and he says that although my septum is straight, my sinus may be swelling which is causing the problems. I’m now using another different nasal spray for another month before I check with him again – honestly though, I still yield similar results as before. The first two nasal sprays were literally the same; the first time it treated my nose, but the second time it made my breathing even worse. This version kind of makes it better but I’m still not breathing perfectly as I did before all of this started last year.

He says that in a month if it doesn’t change, I have to get my nose scanned and from there we might have to get surgery done again (but with the sinus). Also, I checked with my family doctor and complained about my abdomen bringing discomfort when I lie down and just got an ultrasound scanning over the weekend. I have other health problems that I wish to discuss with my physician as well. Firstly, I want my acne to be permanently removed from my face by seeking a dermatologist. Secondly, I want my scalp that itches when I sweat to stop reacting that way too.

Thirdly, I want an optometrist to fix my eyes as they’re extremely messed up. For many years, my eyes have worsened from getting bad vision, being very red and itchy, and now it randomly gets blurry and is painful. I do have glasses but it doesn’t fix these issues; I can even see yellow tiny dots everywhere. Many sites have claimed that I need to see an eye specialist and get surgery or I will soon go blind which scares me. I also have problems with my digestive system but that’s from lack of eating fruits and vegetables which can I easily solve if it were not for my mental problems.

Yeah, I don’t think I really discussed this with you, did I? For as long as I can remember, ever since sometime during the freshman year, I started to show signs of abnormality. I would get very lazy, unmotivated, procrastinate, and not pay attention. Eventually, it got so bad that it interfered with my daily activities and has affected my marks negatively at school and my relationship with my parents who think I’m autistic. These issues are the causes on why I constantly forget and delay everything I do, including the video game reviews that I write and publish on this site.

At first I thought it was ADHD, but now I’m certain that it’s social anxiety. I actually can pay attention and stop procrastinating, but only when I’m forced to do or fear something. So that’s why I still manage to publish my video game reviews and submit my assignments on time. I also do not seem to show these issues with things I show heavy interest in, such as browsing the internet or playing video games. Whenever I am stressed out, I get very nervous and anxious, and I even start getting panic attacks and show other symptoms of anxiety rather than ADHD.

I am going to see a psychologist on Friday so please wish me luck and hope that I recover from my problems. Don’t really think the therapy sessions will help me out that much but I know the medicine will…because of the placebo effect. When this is all done, I can finally move on with life without these health problems. Okay, maybe not since I still need to fix my teeth, get a muscular body, and deal with my ever growing stress. But everything I do besides video game reviews, getting good grades in school, fulfilling my hobbies, and fixing my health issues will be done when I ascend into university.

Man, I can’t wait to get the hell out of high school! I’m not going to give the details or rant about it, so let’s just stop it at that. I should now move on to talking about what I’ll do for future gaming reviews. So I’ve now decided that I will only do three more reviews instead of four, but still haven’t decided what games I’ll review for certain except for No More Heroes. I’m currently have been playing Monster Hunter Tri for the past 3 months and halfway through. If I manage to beat the game before August, I promise to review that game as well even though I contradict myself.

Anyways, I’m in a dilemma on whether to review SimCity Creator or Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing which I may have a poll for you guys to decide for me. After all this, I will review the Nintendo Wii itself, along with the Wii Remote (/Plus), Nunchuk, Classic Controller Pro, Wii Wheel, and Nintendo WFC in university. I’ll have to make a review template specifically for consoles and accessories though. I also will attempt it a few times before publishing so the release dates will be uncertain. And right after, I will do the same for the Nintendo Game-Cube, controllers, and accessories.

Since I haven’t played the old console since I was a preteen, I won’t be able to review any games except for Super Smash Bros. Melee and Sonic Mega Collection. I also don’t plan on playing video games at all (except for mobile and PC games) until after I graduate and move out from the family household. My parents are so strict with my video games and I refuse to deal with it any longer, so I’m going to do many side and part-time jobs to earn as much money and get the hell out of here. But when I do, know that I will continue with my reviews and my video game life.

By then I would have gotten and played through games for the Nintendo Game-Cube, 64, and Wii U; Sony PlayStation, PS2, PS3, PS4, and the PS4.5 or whatever they call it (and the PS5 if Sony ever releases that). Yes, I had a crappy childhood where I only had the Game-Cube and Wii but blame my xenophobic parents and not me. I always am updated with the latest news on video games and am neutral, not a fanboy or leaning towards any specific brand or platform…okay, maybe towards PC. However, this is all in the far future which is uncertain and can easily change without notice.

Remember several months ago when I said I wanted to update my site with new content besides reviews? I think I’ll do just that when I’m in university so that it’s not empty for the next four years. I’m not sure if I should write editorials, news articles, or FAQ guides, so that will be decided soon. I won’t know how this will turn out, but I hope that it can be just as interesting as my reviews. Maybe I should have another poll on what I should do to continue this site during university. Anyways, this is all that I have for now and see you at the end of June!

Promises Are Meant To Be Broken…

Hmm…I’m very sorry you guys for delaying my reviews yet another time and breaking my promises, but please understand me. Remember that I am a high school student in grade 12 that is about to graduate and enter university in September. Therefore, I must refrain from distractions and focus on getting good grades to get accepted into university. My parents disapproved that I go to York University since they are now aware of the bad reputation, thus I have applied and got accepted to University of Guelph. Well, it’s just an early conditional offer of admission, but still, at least I am now more serious about my education and my future is looking a little more bright.

After my previous blog update, many things have happened. I recently filled out and sent the applications to the military, and although they said that they would give me the date and location of the facility for the physical test, I still never got the e-mail yet. Also, it appears the septoplasty (nose surgery) has somewhat failed on me because my breathing problems came back after the crust in my nose all fell off. Turns out I still can’t breathe normally when I lie down, but at least I can breathe perfectly when I stand up or sit down no matter the space or humidity of the room. Oh, and my spleen started to enlarge and brought me discomfort…fortunately, some traditional Chinese medicine lying around significantly reduced the size and symptoms!

I decided to eliminate writing and publishing my Super Mario Galaxy 2 review as I want to keep my grades up and it’s redundant as I published a review of the prequel. Then I decided to not write reviews for the following games due to time constraints: Monster Hunter 3 Tri and Xenoblade Chronicles. I still can’t decided whether or not to reject the review of SimCity Creator or Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. But once all of that is figured out, we can move on and I will publish those reviews throughout the next few months before September starts. I guess after I will just write reviews for the consoles, accessories, and controllers of the following systems in university: Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Game-Cube, and also the Nintendo 64.

The future is still bleak and unpredictable, so view the Review-Schedule page for more information. Speaking of which, it appears that someone besides myself and WordPress users finally managed to look at that page for a change. I thought that such a rare and unlikely event would never occur. Also, I now get viewers from all over the world that somehow can trace my reviews through Google; I mean, I can’t even do that unless I deliberately search my blog site, so how do these random netizens find it? We got viewers from Canada, United States, Brazil, Chile, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, South Korea, and Australia.

And then I wonder how I can get likes but not get any views or visitors recorded in the stats; is that like a glitch or just the way it works? Because my reviews are now shorter and of higher quality, I’m starting to notice that I am now getting more and more followers. When in the past, I only got 2 since they felt bad for me as I had none back then – now I can truly say I’m improving and growing better than before. This alone has motivated me to now write more reviews and perhaps even write about stuff that is never seen before on this site (obviously still gaming related). So yeah, this is what I currently have to write as I now have run out of things on what to type.

I hope you viewers (and my followers) look forward to reading more reviews and have a wonderful day! I am very well aware that the font keeps changing as I want to freshen things up a bit. You guys may or may not like it, but if not, please tell me (if you are a follower) and I will change it to something else. But I’ve tried all the fonts for the bolded text yet it still looks very awkward; I guess I’ll just change it back to the default theme. Anyways, I just have to find a tutor to keep my grades up and register for university through online applications now. So again, thanks for reading and have a nice day knowing that I will write and publish more reviews.

New Year’s Resolution

Well…we’re now in 2016 and I can’t believe how fast time has gone by! I recently published the review for Skyward Sword, finally living up to my promises so I hope we can move on and no longer bear any grudges towards each other. Since this is January, I won’t be able to write or publish any reviews this month because I’m extremely busy with my life. First off, I have exams near the end of the month which means I have to study as this is my final year in high school which will determine my fate for post-secondary. And I finally, finally managed to visit the military recruitment center in Toronto in order to start the job application process for the military.

Oh, if I never told you, I forgot to bring government ID the first time and they were closed during the Christmas break, so that’s why I was so happy with my third attempt. I also visited Chinatown and rode the new streetcars which are pretty damn sweet. With the military, I will try my absolute best to follow all instructions so that my application will not get rejected, that I successfully pass all tests and meetings, and I get sworn in as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces so that I can leave my pathetic life of inferiority. It will take a few months and the training will take the entire summer, but the experience and pay will surely make up for all this effort.

Then, just a few days ago, I finally was able to perform surgery to fix my nose…oh, never told you about that either. Let’s just say that I had a number of issues with my nose the past six months that resulted me in visiting my family doctor and my nose specialist. It was my first time actually being in a hospital for treatment, so I seemed like a naive dunce to the staff. Also, when I got the anesthetic pumped into my arm, I instantly felt dizzy and then I suddenly became unconscious without even realizing it. I stayed in the hospital for a few hours to recover and then went home, and I have now rested for a few days now by taking medicine and sleeping.

So these are the legitimate reasons on why I will be postponing reviews until next month. Oh, finally I applied to university and got acknowledgement e-mail from multiple universities, but I think I’ll just end up going to York University for convenience and friendships. Anyways, I went back to drawing Dragon Ball Z art and am done with Goku, turning out much better than I expected. I now use baking soda to whiten my teeth, and holy shit, does it make my previous whitening methods an absolute joke. Of course, I still gotta maintain this routine for at least a month to see actual results. Hmm…too bad I can’t find the time to play video games!

When I recover from my nose surgery, I’ll write my exams, move on to the next set of reviews, and hope for a better future in my life. The future beyond high school is very uncertain; thus, don’t be surprised if the reviews in the schedule starting from September 2016 is delayed, omitted, or modified to my preferences. University will probably be one of the most busiest moments of my life, so I just want to warn everyone in advance if you’re unsatisfied with the lack of content on this blog in the near future. As always, I hope to see you in my next reviews, which are Donkey Kong Country Returns followed by Super Mario Galaxy 2 in February and March.