Then & Now

{August 2014 – February 2015}


It’s been a really long time since I started this site and making reviews on it, so I want to reflect on the past year to see how much I’ve changed ever since. I know that a year technically hasn’t gone by yet as the anniversary is in August 2015, but this is the first time that this page and idea was created, so why not celebrate with a first “Then & Now” article? So, this might sound a bit forced and cheesy, but I’ll be dividing this up into three sections – Then & Now for the experience in general; a reflection and current thoughts for the site; and the same for the actual reviews that I did. This is the first time I’m attempting to do this, so it might turn out to be bad, but I guess I can use this as practice when I have to do another one later this year in August.

The second time and onward that I do it though, it will be more natural and I’ll just get right into things instead of providing an introduction/foreword to you readers. I want to thank a fellow YouTuber named SomecallmeJohnny – shout out to Juan Ortiz (not the celebrity) for being the inspiration for this idea and actually these reviews in general; without him, my reviews would’ve been totally different or I wouldn’t even have made this site and stuck with my older site. Without further ado, let us begin this to celebrate the creation of this page and the creation of this site!

Then & Now – WordPress/Blog Journey

Back then when I first started as a member of the WordPress community, I didn’t really think to myself of how my blog sites would turn out to be radically different from what I imagined. To be honest, I started using WordPress as a way to entertain myself during the summer break back in June 2014, as my summers were usually boring and consisted of little activity. And since I went to China to visit relatives the summer before, I decided that this was a great way to make up all the fun that I missed (I’m looking at you, PRC with your super tight censorship!)

As some of you may know, I first started out with Nigga Nintendo Nerd before moving on to the Modern Reviewing Nerd. It was basically a blog where I posted my thoughts and opinions on video games as that was one of my favorite hobbies and I had nowhere else to go after being banned. Yeah, I forgot to mention that prior to making these sites, I was actively involved in gaming forums, whether it was IGN, GameSpot, Escapist, GameFAQS, GiantBomb, and the like. Unfortunately, due to my inexperience with forum moderation and my “ability” to be not liked by others, I constantly kept getting banned from these sites.

To this day, I’m still part of SuperCheats and GameFAQS, though I  rarely go on since there is nothing interesting to see there. Anyways, getting back on topic, I decided to start this blog also because of constantly getting banned and deciding that other people did not value my gaming opinions as much as I did, so I created it where I could voice my opinions without being moderated or judged. I then started out to making random video game posts and had “themes”, which was essentially a category of posts that would be changed every week. I at first knew what to write, but as time went by I used the site less often and ran out of ideas.

I also started to begin writing reviews shortly after the creation of this site, in July to be more precise. It was also a way to keep me occupied and entertained as I was extremely bored with little to do. This was also the time where I began to become a fan and have sort of a “fetish” (not the sexual kind – get your mind out of the gutter) with review videos from none other than @SomecallmeJohnny. There was something unique and cool about his reviews that made it different from other reviews that I’ve ever seen before. They were neither casual nor professional – he attempted to go both ways while still maintaining his originality with his great sense of humor and his…charisma if you can even call it that.

What I liked the most is that they were like the “review of my dreams”: very long in detail; covering so much content; providing plot and content spoilers; putting in honest opinions that were extremely neutral and unbiased; and went very…personal with the viewers if you know what I mean. He is my role model and inspiration for the creation of both of my sites, especially the latter. To summarize, I developed sort of an addiction to his reviews. I constantly watched his reviews and always got pleasure when I was on my computer ready to go on YouTube to binge-watch his videos. I learned so much about gaming after I watched his reviews.

I learned the formatting and style of reviews in general; I learned about all the geeky stuff like lighting effects and frame-rate; I learned about the history and development of each game/franchise; and I even expanded my gaming knowledge by learning about games and franchises I wasn’t familiar with and/or never played before. Like I said before, if it weren’t for him, who knows where I’ll be now? Since I did watch his reviews, there isn’t much that I can watch on his channel (except for the current marathon where he reviews shitty games…kind of like the AVGN), but I’ll still watch every now and then.

Eventually, I got sick and tired of the Nigga Nintendo Nerd site as I felt forced to write posts for it like I was a journalist despite that fact that I had no followers nor fans. I didn’t care at all as all I wanted to do was voice my opinions and have fun with the site. It turned out to be not what I intended, so in August 2014, I abandoned that site and started anew with the Modern Reviewing Nerd site. I had originally planned to post the reviews instead on the older site, but I wanted to start new and the theme I chose for the site layout was not so user-friendly, so I had no choice but to start fresh.

With the new site…I slacked off big time when I first started. I had promised to publish reviews every couple of days and weeks, but boy was I wrong because of again due to my ignorance with such affairs. I did get to publish reviews, as well as renovations to this site…and the rest is history – kind of. The rest I’ll explain in the second part of the “Then & Now” (so skip to that section if you want to know more.) Fast forward to the present, and I am now the administrator of the Modern Reviewing Nerd site where I review current video games in a deep and detailed way with little to no bias as possible but filled with tons of spoilers and hidden game content.

Man, who knew that I would become who I am today? Since we’re done reflecting on the past, let’s now focus on the present. I now no longer use the Nigga Nintendo Nerd site, though ever since I left, it has somehow gained massive popularity. Okay, I know that is nothing compared to some of you guys, but to me, that is a feat as I never had so much “fans” before that enjoy reading my blog. I also have posted three reviews , three scoring rubrics, five updates, and created three pages for this site. Again, since I want to emphasize and focus more on this site in the second part, you’ll have to check that part out for more details.

And as I stated before, I no longer watch Juan’s videos nor do I go on GameFAQS as much as I used to. I also very well know that my “accomplishments” are nothing compared to other bloggers, especially since I’ve been on WordPress for over a year, but hey, I’m still new to this and let me enjoy my moments. I’m still in school so I have very little time to spend on this site as I have to attend school, do homework, volunteer (which I’ve honestly haven’t done in so long), and other school-related matters.

I don’t really have much to say at this point – well I actually have much more to say about the present moment, but like I promised, you’ll have to check out the next two parts of this “Then & Now” sequence. I know this may seem weird and awkward to leave such a cliff-hanger in such an unsuspected moment, but like I said, this is the first time and I guess we all gotta start from somewhere right? And I honestly have nothing to say besides the current site and the reviews themselves so…

Then & Now – NiggaNintendoNerd 2 ModernReviewingNerd

I know this may seem awkward to have such a strange and unnatural transition, but hey, it’s my first time, so let me gain some experience as we all have to start from somewhere right? Picking up from where we left off, let’s get right into the retrospective of the Modern Reviewing Nerd site. I originally planned to release the Twilight Princess review around a week after the creation of this new site, but it was still summer and I was pre-occupied with so many things. What I mean is that I originally planned to go to downtown Toronto to buy some Wii games, and as we all know, the Nintendo Wii had been discontinued in retailers a year before.

So I had no choice and buy games in vintage stores from then on until now. To be honest, I actually kind of preferred this option as I was now more independent and decided when and where to buy the video games, as well as what games to buy for how much I wanted. I was no longer restricted by my extremely strict parents who are, in fact, baby boomers (that kind of grosses me out) and whom both have an extreme hatred towards video games. So it ironically allowed me to become more independent, and I eventually got all the games that I have now.

Anyways, that didn’t work out as it was originally planned because the directions on Google Maps miscalculated the time it took to get there as well as not telling me that there was a bridge right where I wanted to go to. That bridge was constantly being occupied by cars, so I had to turn all the way back after biking for over 2 hours. Yeah, I know, I’m a bit crazy when it comes to getting to places, but hey, as long as it works. So, fast forward in August when I created this site, and I planned it all over again and this time I had succeeded – kind of.

You see, I kind of got lost so I kept taking the same road multiple times which wasted me a good hour. So then, I asked a police officer and he was actually nice and helped me out, but not before asking me such suspicious questions as if I was a criminal or I was a missing person. They even asked for my ID and contacted their HQ if I was a missing person before they let me go. I will never forget that – if you’re the officer that asked me that day, I want to thank you for helping me out but I will do everything I can next time to avoid contacting any police officers to avoid going into another embarrassing moment that I regret.

With that out of the way, I published my Twilight Princess review after typing for around a week. Yeah, I know, I broke my promises again, but there’s just so much pages to type out and I was still inexperienced at that time. Even the later reviews took me a long time to type out as they all consist of over 10 pages of text. Then, school had started and I was preoccupied with homework, projects and assignments, as well as studying for tests, which took a lot of free time away that I could have spent on typing out the reviews.

Since I hadn’t typed out anything on my site in a long time, I wanted to make an update as an apology and as a notice to any viewer that I am still active with the reviews. At that time (as I noted in that post), there was somebody that I personally knew that was stalking me through the internet by viewing all of my profiles and accounts, even if I did not give any obvious clues or references to my identity and ownership of such accounts. I eventually made him stop stalking me as I made a legal threat in that same update, but come to think of it, I actually think he stalked me via swatter methods.

If anyone has read that update, I promised to type out the scoring rubric for Twilight Princess so people would know and understand how I graded the games that I review. I did in October but I did not publish my Super Mario Galaxy review until November – but hey, I typed and published the review and the rubric in the same month, as well as making an update on future games to review, so I guess that evened things out for me. Because of volunteering, I had no choice but to also type it out at the library during the weekdays.

The Super Mario Galaxy review wasn’t as significant, but I will admit that my past experience allowed me to finish the review faster and more productive than before as it was shorter and the rough draft itself was written better than the Zelda review. Moving into December, besides typing out the Metroid: Other M review and rubric (which took hellva long time since it was almost as long as my Zelda review and I had so much homework and assignments to complete), I also started to make renovations to my site.

Specifically, it was just adding new widgets to the side-bar menu, as well as tweaking the settings of the site and my profile, though, of course, this is nothing compared to the renovations that I just completed around a month ago. Moving on, I then decided to stop typing out reviews and begin another “era” of renovations as I felt that this site was very inconvenient and not so user-friendly. Just like how I explained in my most recent blog update, I added video trailers, screenshots, and tags to every single one of my reviews, as well as changing the side-bar to make it more appealing and convenient. That may seem easy, but it took a long time just to find the screenshots, let alone do the rest of the renovations.

I also created two new pages – the “Review Schedule” page and the “About” page; the former contained games that I reviewed, marked, typed, and published, as well as games that I will consider doing in the future (as well as the older review template like I had promised). The latter though, I revised my older auto biography, and added a Terms of Service to moderate trolls and spammers, and a FAQS sub-section to help answer any frequently asked questions. Now in the current time, I’m done all the renovations and going to start the next set of reviews. Honestly speaking, I have my rough draft of Brawl right here with me and was about to begin writing it on the computer before realizing I still had this.

Whatever, I guess I’ll type it out immediately after I’m done this. I will no longer do any more renovations until I need to do it again in the future. For now, I am going to focus mainly on typing, editing, and publishing reviews and rubrics. Looking back (which I just did), I’m actually really proud of what I’ve done and never expected to stay on this site for such a long time. Because of my misfortunes with the forum accounts and my previous blog, I thought this site too would suffer the same fate. I also thought that the delays in the beginning of this site’s life would hinder my performance and activity on this site, but I endured it and still managed to publish the reviews that I promised to.

I know that I am focusing more on the past than the present, but (I keep using “but”, I know that) I promise that I will do that in the next “Then & Now” which will be taking place in August – look forward to that when it comes. Before I jump to the next section, there are a couple things I want to say. First off, I now have more 20 games for the Wii and I managed to convince my older cousin to give me all (but one) of his 11 Game-Cube games. Another thing I want to share is that the reviews that I published on this site…I actually kind of don’t really like them as much after noticing how flawed they are, and as a result, it lead to the creation of the newer template and I am now considering to create a third review template sometime in the future.

Since I constantly update my “Review Schedule” page, I find the blog update posts to be a burden as most of what I want to say is already updated in that page. I also kind of found myself to be extremely lazy when I first started this site as I realize now that I could have easily chosen to type and publish all of those three reviews within two months instead of five. Reflecting on my laziness in the past, I realize now how lazy I am and how much I procrastinate. Before I really go and drag this on, I just want to say that I’m actually more enthusiastic and motivated before to publish reviews on my site thanks to the renovations I made. It really helped me to value this site and realize my potential if I really put my heart and effort into it.

From now on, you will no longer have to wait a month just to see a new review being published; you’ll be seeing two or more as the upcoming games are much shorter and I am more motivated to be active on this site (and I notice that I always do better when motivated). I am also currently trying to increase the popularity and traffic of this site to get more views and followers by advertising my site on other WordPress blogs, as well as any online account I have which should do the trick. Oh, I also will try to uphold my promises as well as focusing more on my present thoughts than past when I do my next “Then & Now” in August, so look forward to that (which I have repeated several times already).

Then & Now – Video Game Reviews (Season 1)

Now to end this off (pun intended), I’ll show you my present thoughts on the games I reviewed in the past six months. Since I already explained my thoughts and impressions of those games before I played them in the reviews themselves, I’ll just get straight into the “Now” part and completely skip the “Then” part. Looking back with my Twilight Princess review, I have to admit that it’s pretty bad and one of the worst reviews I’ve ever written in my life. It’s not because I suck or anything, it’s just that I lacked experience at the time and the review template I used was highly, highly flawed. I bet you that if I were to review it today or in the future (which I will as I recently got the Game-Cube port last year in November), it would probably become one of the best.

How is it flawed? Well, the review is way too long – only shorter than my upcoming Super Smash Bros. Brawl review as we all know Smash has loads of content – and I added way too unnecessary things while excluding things I actually needed. I recently played through Twilight Princess again and I still love playing it no matter how many times I play; I just never get bored or sick and tired of it. Even though I criticize the game for being extremely flawed, I still love the game despite them and I even consider Twilight Princess to be my favorite Zelda game of all time.

I’ve played and beaten Skyward Sword and I dislike it – Wind Waker I’ll try sometime in the future; Ocarina of Time doesn’t appeal to me as much; and Majora’s Mask I might enjoy it. The original Zelda games on the NES are extremely difficult and boring as I stopped when I was still in the first dungeon while on an emulator. As it was my first official review, I consider this review to be extremely important and significant in my reviewing “career” and I hope to improve upon it when I review it again on the Nintendo Game-Cube. Overall, despite it being flawed, I can look past them and still enjoy playing it whether it’s the tenth time or hundredth time.

As for Super Mario Galaxy, there’s not much to talk about that since I don’t really play it anymore. Ever since I literally got all 121 Power Stars in that game as both Mario and Luigi (which totals to 242), I stopped playing it after accomplishing such a feat. I actually never thought they day would ever happen as it took my years just to get the first mere 60 just to beat the game. I feel proud of beating it as it was the first 3D Mario game that I fully played through (I did play Sunshine, but I sucked at it and only made it through 40 Shine Sprites) and I didn’t use a walkthrough guide at all when playing it. Fast forward two years later and I still never touched that game. Everything I said in my review about this game is still true to this day.

I love the graphics, music, controls, plot, and gameplay; I love the experience and fun that it brings to the players; and I prefer it more so than future Mario titles…even more than Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Super Mario 3D World.The review itself is much, much better than my first review as it had barely any flaws compared to it and the Metroid: Other M review. This was also when I started to realize the true flaws of the review template but didn’t decide to consider making a new one until Metroid: Other M came along. I still use the second review template and am considering to making a third review template, but that won’t be used until with the second half of games that I promised to review on my “Review Schedule” page.

Not much to say about the review itself, so let’s just continue to discuss about the game. Like I said, since I played this and the sequel to death, I’m kind of sick of Mario and won’t be playing any Mario game until I start playing Sunshine. Since I’ve played it so many times, I’m no longer a Mario fanboy nor a fan; I simply play the games for the fun factor and not because I’m loyal to their IP. Instead, I’m more of a Zelda/Sonic fan as I enjoy those games more and I can’t wait to start playing the Adventure games and Sonic Heroes later on the Game-Cube as well.

With those two games out of the way, now let’s focus on the last game that I reviewed and published on this site – Metroid: Other M. Something I never told you guys back then was that I got this game at Downsview’s Flea Market for 20 bucks (without tax). Well, that wasn’t really what I wanted to say…what I did want to say was that back then I actually had mixed feelings towards this game. During and after I played this game for the first time, I kept going back and forth from liking and disliking this game.

What I liked about this game was that it had amazing graphics, the plot was heavy and interactive, I loved the gameplay as I loved sci-fi (and I still do…KAMEHAMEHA) and it was similar to Zelda as it too was action/adventure. I also loved the controls and the change of perspective gimmick!  What I disliked it though, was that it was extremely difficult and there were many cheap deaths that pissed me off but was nothing compared to the likes of Donkey Kong Country Returns that I played only a month later with its unforgiving level design and precise controls.

Despite what made me hate the game, I still like the game but I never got hooked to the Metroid franchise. I’m neither a fan nor a fanboy; I enjoy playing Metroid, but only to a certain extent. I like Metroid, but I don’t love it. Even after playing through Metroid Prime 3: Corruption during the summer of 2014, I still don’t love Metroid as that too made me like it and dislike it at the same time. By the way, I will be reviewing that game but I forgot to add it to my list (I should do that sometime). I played it a second time right after to increase my skill and I played it again in September and I noticed how much better I became.

And just like Twilight Princess, it was surprisingly super easy and was only difficult to me since it was the first Metroid game that I fully played and beaten without quitting (Super Metroid doesn’t count as I played that as a demo in Brawl). Just like the Mario games, I played it many times and I’m kind of sick from Metroid so I won’t be going back for a long time. I may go back to Prime 3 to try it out on Veteran difficulty, but that’s another story. What I think of it now is that it’s actually a good Metroid game unlike what the butthurt fanboys have to say about it. Seriously, it’s not as bad as they say it – it’s the most unappreciated game for sure but I don’t think it’s the most underrated as the Meta-Critic score was around 85.

The graphics are amazing and some of the best on the Wii, and yes, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption has shitty graphics whether or not it’s upscaled to 1080p HD on Dolphin Emulator or the Wii U. Music and plot I can admit is mediocore…though since when did Metroid ever have a plot-heavy game again (no, the Prime games do not count as they mostly relied on NPC’s and lore to tell most of the story)? Controls are actually good and they only whine about it since they think d-pads and pointing feels weird to them. Gameplay is above average but nothing special either.

Just before I end it off with a conclusion, I want to review these games again. What I mean is that, just like with SomecallmeJohnny’s “Then & Now” videos, I will also be giving a new score to each of the past games I reviewed based on my feelings and thoughts as of now. Back then, I gave The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess a 7.8 out of 10, but after playing it again to re-visit the dungeons and overworld, I feel that I was a bit too harsh when making negative points about Twilight Princess with the graphics and gameplay – now, I guess I’ll give it an 8.3 out of 10.

With Super Mario Galaxy, it hasn’t changed that much, but I still think that it should’ve gotten a slightly higher score, so I’ll give it a 9.2 out of 10 instead of a 9.1. Finally, with Metroid: Other M, back then I gave it an 8.2 out of 10, but now looking back I realized how naive and inexperienced I was with reviews. Other M isn’t as good as I thought it was nor was it as bad as Metroid fanboys claim it is – I’ve decided to scrap the old score and give it a 8.0 out of 10 if I were to ever review it again.


With all of that finally done, I hope you guys finally realize what I’ve went through to get to the point I am today, as well as to understand that I don’t slack off with my reviews (but I do slack off with the typing though). Before I leave, I promise that the next “Then & Now” will be an awesome one this upcoming August as it celebrates the one year anniversary of this website and my review career in general, and it won’t suck as it will be much better and improved upon this reflection.

Before I go, I just want to make a couple announcements and updates about my upcoming activities of this site and future reviews, so don’t expect a new blog update to be appearing on my home page anytime soon as this is the only one you’ll ever get until after the Brawl review. Speaking of Smash, I will be typing and publishing the review by the end of this week no matter what is trying to stop or slow me down. I’ll also do the same for the Mario Kart Wii review in March though I’ll change the date because I feel like being a dick (but hey, barely anybody will view this page so how will they know).

I’m currently working on my Wii Sports Resort review and it should be done by the week’s end also. Because Resort and the next few games are short in length and content, those reviews will be completed and be published here pretty fast, so (I know, I keep using the same words repeatedly – I think I’ll use a thesaurus next time) don’t find that as bizarre or think I am rushing to meet any deadlines. I’ve also highly considered to apply the third review template for the last few…did I say this already? Okay, before I leave with the links at the bottom to guide any curious viewers to all pages and posts to my site, let me tell you other few things.

Well, they’re isn’t much to say, but I still want to say them anyways. I’ll be purchasing more Wii games and Game-Cube games soon to complete my Wii collection and satisfy my thirst for gaming and the childhood that never was, so expect them to appear in my “Review Schedule” page as well. After this post, also expect to see little to no activity besides the posting of reviews like I normally did last year before these huge renovations to vastly improve this site. Without further ado, here are all of the posts and pages to have a little tour around my site and I hope to see everyone again in my Super Smash Bros. Brawl review!

{February 2015 – August 2015}


Well guys, it’s been a long time since I’ve been on this site and making video game reviews – a year to be more precise. To celebrate and remember the first year anniversary of Modern Reviewing Nerd, let’s dive right into the second “Then & Now” session and reflect on what happened within the past year. (As said and promised before, this one will nowhere be as long, corny, and mediocre as my first one, so I hope you like the outcome of this.)

I know I promised that I would publish this much earlier than stated, but the 3 week family vacation I recently had in China…delayed the schedule and some things had to be set back for later, so I apologize in advance. Without further ado, let’s dive right into and look at how this site was then and now – pun intended – after a year of great progress of video game reviews. Before we begin, any curious readers wanting to know the full history should also read the previous article that is just above this one. Ready…Go!!

Then – Video Game Reviews (Season 2) & Expansion of Blog

As mentioned and retold many times before, I began this blog after bans from gaming forums, boredom during the summer, and a thirst to write and publish video game reviews for all to see. Modern Reviewing Nerd was sort of a reboot to Nigga Nintendo Nerd after its failure to gain a large audience and ease my boredom. The site before this was indeed that; it was a simple blog which I discussed about video games, and included other neat things like comedic videos and custom Pokemon cards. Eventually, I went on it less and less, as well as not being motivated to write new blog posts, so that’s when I quit that site and decided to move on to another.

Then I created this site, which at that time I thought would only last a month to half a year at best, but look at where we’re at now. I always wanted to make my own gaming reviews after reading and watching people’s reviews on the web, which is where I got alot of inspiration and ideas from when writing my own reviews. There was one reviewer in particular who was the spark, who goes by the name of John and runs a channel called SomeCallMeJohnny which does just that. Of course, there were other influences such as IGN and GameSpot, but they never motivated me to actually write and publish reviews on the internet.

I started with Twilight Princess, Galaxy, and Other M as my first three games as an intentional choice. Each game was from the three most popular IP’s of Nintendo, which convinced me would attract attention and were also my favorite franchises as well. I felt that these factors would help me in starting off well with such reviews. What I forgot and never told you people is how I write the reviews. With these and the Brawl review, they were all written in the basement within a small journal every day for a week per review. Then, I would eventually just write them in my room, which was much easier as that’s where all my pens were for editing and games for reference.

Due to my inexperience at the time, these reviews were constantly delayed, terribly edited, and were mediocre in content and quality. They were too long, had way too much unnecessary information, corny writing style, unorganized and sloppy formatting…and the flaws continue. I was pre-occupied with affairs at home, school, and volunteering, which hindered the time and performance of my reviews too. And during the summer when I wrote the reviews, I was pre-occupied with other things like buying more video games and killing the boredom. On top of that, I lacked many fans and views, and the site itself was a complete mess that lacked order and gimmicks.

So I decided that change needed to occur in order to improve – thus the second review template, site renovations, addition of new content, and the second season of video game reviews were born from this. It took such a long time for such change to occur, but it payed off in the long run as the site gradually improved in quality, presentation, and views. By this time, I was only beginning to see my site prosper to what it is today. (I’m not really going to go into the full history of this site since you can read it in the “About” page and the first article above this one.)

After the lengthy and well-worthwhile renovations to this site, I decided it was finally the time for the blog to move on the second “season” of video games. In reality, it was simply adding videos, pictures, and tags to the older reviews, as well as changing the menu bar completely, but that was such a big improvement in the long run. At that time, I only decided to do Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart Wii since they were popular IP’s and good games, and not much else until I decided to also do Wii Sports Resort while writing and typing those reviews.

Then it came to me, and I decided to also review Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Excite Truck, and Sin & Punishment: Star Successor. They weren’t necessarily the most popular or well received games, but they were short, and that’s what motivated me to add them to the list of future games to review. In the process of reviewing those games, I finally added New! Super Mario Bros. Wii and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption to further improve the quality and quantity of reviews. Just like my first review template though, I began to notice its flaws later down the road, but I preserved because I realized that adaption and flexibility were key to making better reviews.

Which it did eventually help as the reviews drastically improved every time I made unwritten changes to the template itself. Anyways, enough about which games I chose to reviews – now I’ll share you my story on how they came to existence on this site. When I began writing my Brawl review, it was also the beginning of the second semester of high school which meant that I had alot of free time to do whatever I pleased and that included writing reviews. And thank the stars (I’m an atheist, got it?) that was the case since this review took an extremely long time to write, let alone edit and type. However, my Mario Kart Wii review wasn’t so lucky.

In around March, homework and other affairs started to increase which kept me busy and at bay from completing these reviews on time, so every single review afterwards with the exception of Wii Sports Resort was delayed from a week to a month. (Okay, and some of this delay was caused by my sloth, but who will ever know?) Such irony coming from the fact that these reviews were meant to be much shorter than previous reviews and the Brawl one. There isn’t much to talk about my outside life; everything was going on as expected or planned.

Oh wait, that wasn’t the case as I began to draw those Dragon Ball artworks I mentioned a month ago…and then a simple trip to the library caused me to get the stomach flu for the first time in my life. This happened in April, which halted activity of all my hobbies, not just reviews. I had diarrhea in which the shit was literally just brown water squirting out of my anus as if water being squeezed from a hose. I also vomited twice after not vomiting since I was only 8 years old (some of you brogres expected me to say 9) and all medicine I took was in vain.

The stomach flu was cured after painful suffering for 2 weeks of shitting and neglecting my body of most foods and nutrients. The battle was long and tough, but I made it through…and even got to skip school for two days! When the flu was ogre, I mean over, I resumed normal activity which resulted in the delay of Kirby’s Epic Yarn and Excite Truck review – Mario Kart Wii and Wii Sports Resort were fortunately published before the flu. At this point, the homework was about to enter its climax, causing the delay of the next three reviews even further.

What I find ironic and sad is that the harder I tried to prevent my reviews from being delayed from stupid reasons, the more likely that such circumstances occurred. But hey, at least I could now publish two reviews per month instead of just one review every three months. The NSMB and Metroid reviews were added to increase the life span of the second review template and to add more content, speaking of which, payed off as I finally got noticed by the public. Now, I’m not stating that my blog suddenly became viral and I got millions of readers and thousands of followers. I am simply claiming that my popularity increased because my reviews increased in both quality and quantity.

It happened I believe back in March (I know, all this going back and forth is confusing) when I decided to follow other blogs to get more out of WordPress. Naturally, I commented which caught some peoples’ attention to visit my blog and they did, which boosted the amount of views. I repeated this strategy and got even more views over time. But then they started dying out back to the way it was before, so what did I do? According to the FAQS page made by the WordPress staff, I did just what they recommended: advertise your blog site on social media and other sites you frequently visit.

For me, it was this gaming forum site called GameFAQS, and this alone, made the views skyrocket for several months before unfortunately dying back down since I rarely updated my site (and as of present, haven’t made any interesting content so it’s sort of my fault that it’s like this right now.) Now going back to present, no the past…you guys get what I mean – I finally managed to become a volunteer again at this food bank in my town which allowed me to gain volunteer hours at a rapid and successful pace, unlike previous places I volunteered at.

It was a great experience, I made many new friends, learned to do new tasks, and became a much better person overall. To this day, I still volunteer there and I even got a job offer to work next summer! I won’t be telling you the name of this food bank in order to protect my privacy. Oh, and in May and June I had this huge conflict with my art teacher. I want to forget about it, but if you want to know, I’ll give a little synopsis anyways. It started with a scribble on a student’s artwork, teacher’s ego and wrath going out of control, talk with principal in office to visit with behavior specialist, more conflicts with art teacher, systematic discrimination by other staff, and referral to therapy.

I fought back and finally won with a letter to the school board, meeting with the other principals, and some adjustments to preventing such a conflict from repeating again. My marks dropped as a result and I ended up getting shitty grades for all my courses except for math…another ironic statement since I usually suck at math. When I go back to school this September, I will be more cautious around others so that history does not repeat again. I will be starting…an organization of my own to combat such possible threats.

Where was I? Going back and forth has confused me; oh that’s right, let’s discuss about the reviews again. Starting with Wii Sports Resort, I shortened the review by omitting many non-mandatory things that helped in the long run; I shortened the template itself with the Excite Truck review by combining certain sub sections into one, such as sound track and sound quality into one paragraph instead of two. This and the Kirby review was when I reduced the size of the font in my rough draft, which also helped. After, with the Mario and Metroid reviews, I even went as far as reducing the number of lines per paragraph from 9 to 7, and man, has that helped so much!

With the promised reviews finally done, summer finally approached. I made some final edits to each of my reviews to increase their quality, and making additional but smaller renovations to my site like fixing the infinite page glitch that I mentioned for a long time. And then…I quit – no, just joking! I stopped making reviews for the entire summer as I needed to take a break from all this stress and pressure over the months, and re-blogged the first three reviews and made some updates in compensation for the lack of content. I did stuff over the summer, including playing more video games, surfing the web, drawing, exercising, volunteering, and that 3 week family vacation in China.

I’m sorry for neglecting to talk about it, but it’s just that I didn’t want random people to know before as that might have motivated robbers and other criminals to rob my house while gone. Now that I’m back and fear no thieves, I’ll explain my vacation in China. Spent the first week in Beijing in some three-star hotel, going to many different tourist and sight-seeing locations by car or subway. All I could say besides the amazing scenery and advanced technology was that there is just so much people! The subway and streets were literally crowded with people and cars; in fact, we went through at least one traffic jam in Beijing every single day because of the overpopulation.

We went to Guangzhou to hang out there for a bit with travelling, shopping, and eating. For my birthday which I won’t tell when, we went to Canton Tower (I think is the name), which is a tourist attraction similar to the CN Tower. Though not as tall or as much things to do without paying hundreds of RMB (it costed 220 yuan per person just to visit the highest floor!) it was still a memorable experience that I will never forget. For the finish-up, the next two weeks were spent in my hometown, and I again had to face the mosquitoes, primitive city development, and xenophobic people.

Hey, at least we didn’t spend five weeks and got to visit or sight-see every single day without confronting certain people. It was actually a blast as I also got to eat out at restaurants every single day, and unlike at home, I never starved once during the morning nor did I complain about the taste or choice of foods that I ate. I also got to play with my nephew/second cousin who is 6 years old and he acted like a stupidfuck with the screaming and rudeness that pissed off my cousin so much. We left for the airport in Guangzhou which lead us to Beijing and back to Toronto.

This caused my biological clock and sleeping patterns to be fucked up even as I’m typing as I got insomnia for the past three days. Now that I’m back, I managed to almost re-adjust back to my old lifestyle, and I kind of miss the new one – though my sickness got worse after that but I have managed to recover after it. So from gaming forums to Nigga Nintendo Nerd to now the Modern Reviewing Nerd. Time truly has gone by so fast as it’s been well over a year since I began this blog and publishing video game reviews.

Now – Reflections, Impressions, and Updates

That was then, and this, is now; with the history of my blog and reviews finally done, it’s time to explain my current thoughts and reflect back on the past. Even though it’s only been a year, I felt that it’s only been the second half of the year that in which change was more obvious and plentiful. During the first half, it was just me creating the blog and publishing three reviews as well as some site renovations. The latter part consisted of me publishing almost triple that amount of reviews, as well as providing more content improving in quality and quantity besides just reviews and renovations.

Not only that, but that’s when my popularity and amount of content skyrocketed. I added newer pages to entertain you readers and give you something besides the usual reviews. But anyways, I got to stop looking back and look ahead to the present and future. I haven’t done reviews in such a long time, and now that I completed my third review template, I am more than ready to start the third season. Hopefully, with the experience and skill that I acquired within the past year will help me to write better quality reviews in order to gain a larger and entertained audience. In order to make sure the reviews don’t get delayed and of better quality, I’m only going to publish reviews once a month.

Besides the reviews, I do many other things now on my spare time, such as drawing artwork. Well to be quite honest, I’m planning to draw Goku but haven’t found the time. So when I do, I’ll continue not only draw Goku but also start drawing more characters on a daily basis. I rarely went on GameFAQS over the summer, and after coming back from China, I don’t even feel the want nor the need to go back to that site. If need be, I’ll delete my account and start fresh on Giant-Bomb if I ever do want to go back to gaming forums. The funny thing about it is that I still get viewers coming from that site despite not visiting it in over a month.

After volunteering for such a long time at the food bank, I basically felt right at home there. I like it there and continue going there despite already completing my hours months ago since I fit in with the others, I feel useful there, and nobody treats me like shit, unlike how it is elsewhere. In fact, I’ve managed to work over 90 hours of volunteer service back in April all the way to August and I never realized this! When I get back to school and have the time, I will start my own volunteer organization that I kept talking about.

Okay, enough about that – let’s get back to video games now. The week before I went to China is when I decided to play Super Smash Bros. Brawl again. That time it was strictly only to train and become a better Smash player, and my dream came true when I finally managed to fight 3 CPU’s simultaneously who were all at Level 8! Back then I only managed to hold my own against Level 5, but now Level 8 thanks to the usage of the shield, sidestepping, air dodging, and counter-attacking. At first, I spammed those moves which killed me more than helping me to get used to it. When my reflexes adapted to it, then my skill naturally increased from then on.

Even though I got better at the game and had fun time there, I still won’t go back to playing Brawl simply because it focuses on quantity over quality and the casual fighting style many loath it for. I’ll stick to Melee any day if I just want to have some fun and enjoy myself over the gameplay and core mechanics. I may or may not play Brawl again in the near future, but after that, I unfortunately will never play it ever again as I’ll be finally in university. But that will also be the time when I ditch being a console peasant and finally ascend to be part of the almighty PC Master Race! If I were to review Brawl again, instead of giving it a 9.4 out of 10, I’d give it a 8.6 out of 10.

As with Mario Kart Wii, after not playing it for 4 years, I finally went back and played it to see if it would live up to my expectations and nostalgia (I played it in the past via cousin’s copy of the game). At first, I enjoyed it very so and got to re-live part of my childhood, but as time went by, I inevitably realized how mediocre this game turned out to be. I finally noticed the flaws and no longer blinded by nostalgia; however, some time after that I came to a neutral agreement that while Mario Kart Wii will never be as amazing as I presumed it be, at least it has some benefits that make it stand out from other racing games and a blast to play to kill the boredom.

I managed to go online and play with other people for the first time in my life (Facebook doesn’t count) and admit that it’s not that bad. Unfortunately, I only played the actual competitive racing for a few days rights before Nintendo discontinued the servers; the other times was spent on the Mario Kart Channel…which I still find it to be just as entertaining. After winning many grand prix cups, trying out all the game modes, and unlocking most of the hidden content, I stopped playing Mario Kart for good until January of 2015 – and then I stopped and never played it ever again.

Instead if I have a craving for racing games, then I just play Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, which not only made me a much better skilled gamer, it also opened my eyes to the Sega universe with their own IP’s and showed me how an excellent racing game should be (until Mario Kart 8 proved me wrong about the big N). Despite my harsh criticism towards the game, I still admit that there are benefits and exclusives that other racing games do not offer; therefore, I increase the score of Mario Kart Wii from a 7.3 to a 7.5 out of 10.

Since Wii Sports Resort, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, and Excite Truck are short games, I won’t really be covering much about them. Resort I didn’t go back to in a long time until the summer, since I was bored and I guessed the boredom just brought back those memories and the motivation to play it. Again, I found how pathetic the Wii Motion Plus is (it’s just a gyroscope built-in to the remote or plastic cube) and also realized how mediocre the game really is once you try out all the game modes and not even attempt to unlock anything.

It’d be great if you play it with friends or just play it when you’re completely bored, but honestly, if you want to play video games to ease your boredom, I’d still suggest choosing mobile games like Angry Birds and Candy Crush over this trash any day; demoting the score from 8.1 to 7.2 out of 10. On the opposite spectrum, I love playing Epic Yarn and recently played it over the summer to relieve stress. No matter how many times I play it, I will never get sick of all that yarn and be captivated by the level design and easy difficulty – this is why many people play Kirby in the first place after all.

Whenever I get extremely pissed at struggling in a difficult game, this will always be my ecstasy to keep my mood up. The only problem I do have is with the cheesy presentation of the story and the input response of the controls, otherwise Epic Yarn is good to go! I’d raise the score from 8.9 to 9.4 out of 10. Moving on with Excite Truck (pun not intended), I did go back to it for a few days over the summer and admit that my opinion hasn’t changed at all – except for the fact that this is overlooked and looked down upon by many, so I do recommend you to at least give it a try.

Sin & Punishment: Star Successor was something I completely avoid to play; but who can blame me after the trauma and frustration I got after beating the game. No matter what people say about this game, nothing can convince me to play this atrocious game with its brutal and unforgiving difficulty. Heck, I even played Donkey Kong Country Returns over the summer as well and found that it still had its fair share of forgiveness and easy sections.

With NEW! Super Mario Bros. Wii, I never went back to it after years of abandoning this game. The reason being not that it’s mediocre beyond playing, but it’s because I’m completely sick and tired of playing 2D sidescrollers (I forced myself to play through the entirety of DKCR), and Mario in general. You won’t hear about me playing or reviewing 2D platformers for a long while, and you can bet that no Mario for me until I transition to the Game-Cube or Wii U. Playing the DK variation, I also discovered more flaws with this title than before.

I can’t even fathom why people were even so interested into this nostalgic Mario shit in the first place, though I do admit that Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario 3D World aren’t half bad either. I hope Nintendo is done with these nostalgic titles and gets a move on with the times, but I guess not since the 3DS library is full of remakes of past N64 titles or sequels to long abandoned IP’s on the Game-Cube. Many new titles on the Wii U are just a throwback of past games with nostalgic references or old gameplay mechanics. I’m running out of things to say for a game that I haven’t touched in a few years, so shaming it from a 6.6 to 6.4 out of 10.

Last but certainly not least, we have Metroid Prime 3: Corruption as the conclusion to our discussion and trilogy. When I first played the game, I had mixed opinions and feelings about the game as I’ve never played the Prime games before nor have I played any first-person shooters anymore (shocker isn’t it?) When I beat the game, I decided to not go back to it for awhile as I got turned off by some elements, but I guess it was because I lacked experience with Metroid games in general and skill with the trilogy.

The other times I went through it, my opinions and feelings kept changing in a constant flux. Take the second playthrough for instance, when I began to notice and loath the flaws of Corruption just as I did with Mario Kart Wii. Surprisingly, I ended up loving the game after beating it the third time since by that point I had enough skill to easily go through any parts I previously found difficult, thus removing almost all stigma towards it. My opinions went back somewhat to being negative again when I went back and played it for the fourth time over the summer. This was when I attempted to try out Veteran Mode and quit at the final boss (game doesn’t even save after so who cares?)

Unlike Mario Kart though, I simply realized it was the massive boost in difficulty that made me despise the game again. So if I were to go back and replay the game on veteran difficulty, I would beat the game easily and love it all over again! But the thing is, I’ll get bored of playing any game several times. Overall, I have a great liking towards this game and great love for the trilogy in general and can’t wait to play the other two on the Game-Cube. Hopefully, I’ll even try out other Metroid, sci-fi, shooter, and adventure games because of Corruption. I’ll end off my discussion and the article by re-rating the game from a 9.1 to a 9.6 out of 10.


So with this finally out of the way, I could finally move on to season 3 of my video game reviews when I get back to school in September. As with last time, I’ll be giving my blog update here, so don’t expect any blog update for the month of August and possible even September. I just wanted to tell you guys that from now on, not only will the reviews be of better quality, they will also take much longer to publish. As the writing process will be more complex to meet the standards set out by the review template.

So this means I will only be posting one review per month maximum and one review every two months if I am too busy since I’m still in high school. That’s also a good thing since I can now focus more of my time and effort into one review monthly instead of trying to rush out multiple reviews within a short period of time.After this, I actually am not too sure about the future of my site. Eventually I’ll be going off to university and pursuing greater things in life which prevents me from writing more reviews.

To be quite honest, when I first started writing these reviews, I thought it would actually be quite fun, but now I’m actually starting to get sick of it (I think I’ll just stick to playing them). While I will be reviewing the controller, accessories, and the console itself, I’m not too sure if I’ll even be able to review Game-Cube games as I have promised or even games on any other platforms. But I guess I’ll have to wait and see for time to tell. Well guys, thanks for reading this article to commemorate the first year anniversary of my blog and see you guys soon starting with my Sonic Colors Review.

{August 2015-August 2016}


Honestly can’t believe that it has been over 2 years since I started writing video game reviews for this blog and that it still hasn’t died out yet! In fact, the opposite occurred as my content favoring quality over quantity attracted more viewers and I gained double the amount of followers with in these past months – I even got similar amount of views this year with no advertising. Sadly though, I was never able to end off the third “season” of reviews because I had to prepare for my high school exams in order to be accepted to attending university. Another thing that also hindered my progress (as in publishing reviews and editorials) was entering university.

This was not only a huge transition between institutions, but also between that of being a minor with little power to an adult with the legal rights and privileges as other members of society. But with the first semester over and surpassing those obstacles, I’m now highly motivated and I promise to start fresh in the year of 2017. You may not be able to change the past, but you can certainly change the future by doing rather than talking in the present. Let’s look back at the history of my blog from August of 2015 to the August of this year in order to rise above and get ahead. Sometimes hitting rock bottom is the only way to improve to restore oneself to their former greatness.

Then – (Season 3) Quality Over Quantity

So shortly after starting the final grade of high-school was when I began the third “season” of video game reviews. At that point I got extremely overwhelmed by the reviews and since I had to complete many important tasks to be accepted into university, I decided to not make that many reviews anymore. Other reasons why was because I noticed so many errors with the second review template, and thus created a third review template over the summer holidays. It was then decided that I would focus more on quality rather than quantity, and turns out, my plan worked to perfection.

I already started to write the draft of Sonic Colors in September, but due to my laziness and problems in school, I decided to delay publishing it to November. During those months, I attempted to create my own student union as promised, and even wrote a template of the rules and roles of the organization. I asked my friends to join and even tried getting a police detective to help out, but then things worsened from there. I was visited by the detective’s assistant and then he lectured me a mouthful on how conflicts should be resolved through the school board which pissed me off.

He also told me that detectives have no time for me since they need to save lives by investigating and threatened that I stop this nonsense. I eventually did so then sought out help from the food bank I volunteered at. Turns out the program director who I assumed would ally with me betrayed my trust (despite volunteering there for 6 months), so I left volunteering their for good. The chairman missed me and we stayed in touch, until recently during the summer since I moved on to university and he moved on to collaborating with the United Nations.

Oh yeah, let me tell you why I chose the games that I did to review before moving on with my autobiography. I was a fan of Sonic so it was a given that Colors became a choice; Skyward Sword was a controversial game for me and I wanted to redeem myself after the mediocre review of Twilight Princess; Donkey Kong Country Returns for a hard game to be reviewed without bias; and finally No More Heroes and Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing for more inclusivity of third-party titles. Okay, after moving on from that bullshit, I decided to then apply for a job in the military as a last resort.

There were other jobs that I attempted to apply for during the summer and never heard back from them so this was my last hope. I tried visiting the recruitment center in Toronto multiple times, but wasn’t able to successfully do so until January which was when I got and filled out my applications. Let’s go back a few months all the way until November when I published Sonic Colors. It felt different and weird in a good way to publish the review as it was qualitative rather than quantitative. Colors alone paid off so much as I started to grow a larger audience and following shortly after.

Then comes to December when I wrote and published my review for Skyward Sword around the winter break since I had a lot of homework. My memory is bad so after consulting the archives, I actually bought No More Heroes, Monster Hunter Tri, and Xenoblade Chronicles way back in September. Although I never played Xenoblade and never fully beat Monster Hunter, I was glad I purchased these games; however, I will buy more Wii games when I leave my family for good. Anyways, I then entered another bullshit conflict at my highschool but with my philosophy teacher.

What’s so sad is that I loved this and the art teacher from the bottom of my heart before these conflicts and now have a hatred for them both. I loved my art teacher before that incident like she was my own mother. Honestly, I loved her more than my own dysfunctional mom and often fantasized about being her son (not in a sexual way as she’s too ugly to be a MILF). As with my philosophy teacher, I loved her as if she were an aunt or even my grandmother and had similar non-sexual fantasies you perverts. It all started with an innocent letter about an assignment.

The letter was me ranting how I had to do an assignment over the winter break, and then I criticized her and the educational system which destroyed her ego. She told me in January that she was going to report me to the office I continued attacking her. I being the person who refuses to be silenced and intimidated by bullies sent another email, this time a full out angry rant at berating her ego and the educational system. Then I got sent down to the office the day after, wasted a whole day being interrogated by the principals, and then I got suspended for two days straight.

I got fucking pissed off because it ruined my chances of going into university, it brought back PTSD memories when I was younger (think I disclosed my past before), and she was manipulating the principals to side with her. All so that she can exact retribution on me for hurting her precious ego and humiliating her in front of the principals. They then decided to sign me up and meet with a psychotherapist and I accepted to appeal to my parents and them that I would change. But of course I know they’re doing this to ostracize me and scared of my genius intellect so they made that choice.

Back to my reviews, I believe I wrote my review for DKCR during February since I had to prepare for exams and the conflict affected my marks. Against all odds, I was given an offer of admission by all three universities I applied to, and that alone convinced me to try harder in school and with the reviews. I didn’t publish it until March because I again procrastinated and was so lazy. In January, I had to get my nose’s nasal structure fixed through septoplasmy by my nose specialist after months of examination. Nasal sprays that I used before were ineffective so this was the last option.

What sucks is that even to this day I still suffer from my nose even after the surgery, albeit only from lying down and/or sleeping and also in humid/stuffy areas. I also began to use baking soda as another attempt to whiten my teeth even further which was even more effective than whitening toothpaste and hydrogen peroxide! I brushed three times a day and brushed in circles instead of horizontally which helped whiten it too. Since I never published a review in months, I had to go back and emulate Skyward Sword and Sonic Colors so Returns would be just as good as those.

During the spring break, I visited the recruitment center again to drop off my applications and asked how the process went. I attended a written test examination in March or April (too much to remember) and I passed it but they forgot to make me attend a physical test and medical exam prior to that. So guess what they did – have the medical exam right after the job interview and a physical test at a later date. And also I had to attend boot camp in Barrie near that famous beach and train for 8 weeks straight (but I do get paid). Due to the pressure and my final exams, I chose the latter instead.

Let’s go back in time again since my memory is extremely terrible and reveal to you that I drew and colored Goku in my art sketchbook for fun. I still never finished coloring it to this day though I hope I finish before next semester of university. Also, I started writing a script for Kim Jong Un parody anime that I want to actually animate someday in the future as a YouTube web series. Sadly I don’t have the time or the patience to do any of these things back at campus so these will take forever to complete. From March until July, I was occupied with assignments and exams to enter university.

In the meantime, let me tell you of the meetings I had with the psychotherapist since I never told you about them before. They were my ticket to skipping class legitimately without penalty by the teachers and administration. I found them to be completely useless as the revelations he told me I knew most of them about on my own and in great detail despite what he thought. Yes, I know that I am a genius with an IQ of over 140+ (now it’s between 150-160), and that I have several mental illnesses from the people in my childhood especially my dysfunctional parents.

What I never knew though was that I had Asperger’s syndrome (which both myself and my parents agree I do have) and anxiety instead of ADHD as I speculated before. I did see a psychologist but realizing she was a scam, I bailed out and only planned to see one in January of 2017 at my university through government taxes. The stuff the therapist revealed to me next was terrifying and shocking for me and you readers out there. It finally showed the true nature of those pathetic principals. They were scared of me that I was going to exact retribution on them for humiliating me prior.

They knew that since I was abnormally intelligent, up to their level of IQ of 120+, they feared that I would one day strike back. The principals speculated I would gain vengeance for the systematic discrimination I suffered from the school board in the most paranoid and fucked up ways possible. Because I was introverted, highly intelligent, and made adult jokes on social media, they though I was a radicalized youth that pledged allegiance to ISIS! They also though I was going to bring firearms to the school one day and start a school shooting to kill all the teachers and students.

I was so fucking angry at that point since they humiliated me even more for, their justification being that other youth like me have started school shooting and stabbings. Yes, I created a Twitter and Facebook account to voice my own politically incorrect and controversial opinions and comments about everything. I must say that I accomplished the impossible by gaining over 180,000 impressions for my tweets in the course of 4 months. That was a social experiment since I wanted to become famous in order to gain access to financial opportunities to become independent.

Yeah I’m very lazy so while I am well known by many on campus, the general public still doesn’t know anything about me. Anyways, I eventually passed my exams and knew (and did) get accepted into university…I want privacy so I won’t tell you which. I did write the review for Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing over June and July and published it in the latter month despite all the bullshit I’ve been through. I chose that over SimCity Creator since that game is not well known and is a shitty game anyways so screw that. My work wasn’t done yet and No More Heroes was my final review.

There were still a few things I had to do before I could finally write and publish my review for No More Heroes without delay in the summer. I first had to consult the university to confirm if they checked my application, and it turned out they wouldn’t check it until mid-August. Also I had to go attend a campus tour for the university I intended to go to, as well as register for government student loans which took forever because of the obstacles I had to deal with. I cancelled my job interview, medical examination, and physical test with the military and they told me I could still reapply but only in person.

What sucked for me during the summer holidays was that I had to put up with my dysfunctional parents and we went through so many conflicts. Like my dad fucking farting in my face and then we got physical (not going into details stupid NSA), or how my mom constantly yells at me to do stuff or make noise when doing chores. I knew that after in September it would be heaven, which my intuition was correct on that as these two months were fucking hell for me. I played Monster Hunter Tri and No More Heroes during the summer, along with other games over the summer.

Since I couldn’t fully complete Monster Hunter Tri even after spending over 110 hours into it in the span of several months, I decided to not write nor publish a review for it until in the far future when I do beat the game. I was also very lazy and wanted to relax after being so stressed out from trying to get the hell out of high-school. Let me tell you, once I left that place after my last exam, I felt a huge pressure was lifted off my back and thorns were released from my heart. Now I no longer have to tolerate co-existing with people that are stupid, egotistical, and incompetent (for the most part).

Back on track, I honestly didn’t have the time to finish my review until mid-September because I had to attend orientation or frosh week during August. I fucking hate how not only did my parents ruin my graduation back in elementary school and high-school, they also ruined my move-in day which was also my 18th birthday. I will definitely remember how they have abused and neglected me for the rest of my life, I can fucking tell you and promise that. But for those of you interested, I did have an amazing time and it allowed me to show my true self after holding back those 4 years.

I have my rational and legitimate reasons for not acting the way I really am during high-school and I believe it’s none of your business NSA and GCHQ. I made dozens of friends in that week alone and became well known by hundreds of people after writing my new blog in the coming months. I went from being shy, introverted, and anti-social to being outgoing, talkative, and charismatic in such a short time. Because that’s who I really am and honestly why should those fucked up teachers and principals deserve to know my true personality based on the way they discriminated against me?

As promised from the past, I will no longer disclose my personal life from the beginning of university until after I graduate for privacy reasons. I eventually did publish my review of No More Heroes but I neglected to write and publish reviews for video game systems and write editorials on gaming-related news and topics. If you ever attended college, you should know how busy it is with the lectures, readings, assignments, tutorials, essays, and the exams and tests. Now that I’m done explaining what happened in the past year, let’s move forward to the present and reflect for a brighter future.

Now – Looking Back & Looking Forward

Over the months since I started university, a lot of stuff has happened related to my gaming life and internet “career.” I no longer play video games on my Nintendo Wii and Game-Cube anymore, in order to better focus on being successful in university and a vow I made back in high-school to only play console games after living on my own. Instead, I have now changed my gaming preferences to that of mobile gaming for these past few months and soon intend to transition to PC (Steam of course). With the experience I gained, you should expect to see reviews of mobile games very soon.

There were many benefits and flaws of playing mobile games, in which the risks in the end convinced me to join the elite PC Master Race and play on Steam. They offer convenience to play wherever and whenever; secrecy so other people aren’t aware I’m playing; and they don’t suffer from a heavy plot, complex controls, and short play time. What sucks is that these games are too addicting, way too obvious and repetitive, depends mostly on in-app purchases to overcome unfair difficulty spikes, and requires you to wait for long periods of time to prevent you from progressing easily.

And for those reasons I decided to mostly abandon mobile gaming and join PC gaming instead. Since it’s the winter break right now, there’s a major sale on Steam so I’ll be playing free-to-play games that don’t suffer from those aforementioned problems, as well as must-have AAA games such as Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead. Certain games such as Dragon-Ball Xenoverse 2, Overwatch, and Civilization VI I want badly but can’t buy them without emptying my bank accounts. Yeah, it sucks having to pay off tuition fees to attend university which is so freaking expensive!

I currently do not go on gaming forums anymore and I rarely visit WordPress unless it’s to view the statistics. I noticed that most people are from North America, with only some from Europe and even the Middle-East viewing my content. This is different from last year when even people from Australia, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific would also view my blog through Google and social media. Like how the hell do these people even find my blog specifically if they’re complete strangers? Even though I have double the amount of followers, they rarely check out my blog.

While my blog didn’t go through as much major changes as it did last year, I still did customize the appearance and archives of this website. For starters, I changed the font of both the headings and paragraph text multiple times in order for it to look both bigger and more fancy or professional. I updated the FAQS, Terms of Service, Review Schedule, and temporarily created (but then deleted) a page with video game soundtracks. Finally, I deleted almost all of the gaming rubrics from first and probably even the second season of video games since I want readers to focus more on content than numbers.

Most of my hobbies and responsibilities that I had as a teenager were completely gone and then I was granted with new ones in university. I did housekeeping which I had experience from volunteering at the food bank; I actually started to exercise and socialize way more often than I used to; I finally managed to be motivated and complete tasks that were mandatory like talking to financial experts or speak with residence staff. And being able to have my own laptop and smartphone for the first time in my life (that I legally owned), I was able to gain new interests and hobbies that are private.

Let’s get on with my thoughts of past video game reviews now and how I would score and review them if I could redo them over. Sonic Colors was the first official 3D and modern Sonic game that I played and beat on my own, and the early impressions had a lasting influence on me. I still did play it from time to time, proving how much I love the game despite its flaws which were few and easy to go over. I have to admit it was one of the best reviews I’ve ever written on this site, and its quality alone was able to attract more readers and gain me more followers since several months prior.

I honestly haven’t played any console games since I started university, instead trying out mobile games before finally moving on to Steam for PC. So sadly with this and the other games I can’t really give a modern impression although the newest will be based off of the last playthroughs before I started university. Colors showed to gamers that it was possible for Sega to publish a 3D Sonic game that didn’t suck. Sadly due to past mistakes they made it too simple with mostly 2D platforming. Had there been more 3D sections Colors would’ve been even better than Unleashed.

This might seem disappointing but I think it’s time I stopped giving out numeric scores or at least stop calculating it from a median. Not only is it a lot of effort but most of you readers probably don’t give two shits and only want the final score. Before I gave Colors 8.1/10 and now I would probably give it a 7.8-8.0 range. Up next is the controversial Zelda game Skyward Sword. With the latest title for both the Switch and Wii U released (Breath of the Wild), what better time to reflect on my Zelda review? I’ve noticed I mostly despise it because of the motion controls and because I sucked back then.

I stopped playing Skyward Sword after beating the story 5 times in a row, with occasional revisits just to mess around. Thanks to Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, such control gimmicks don’t bother me anymore. If I were to go back to the game, the only thing I would still loathe would be the limited overworld and long ass story progression that just never seems to end. Everything else about Skyward Sword I can either tolerate or absolutely love it, although I still prefer Twilight Princess. Had I went back and change the score it would go from 7.8 to an 8.0/10.

Moving on is the reboot to the Donkey Kong Country games from the SNES and GameBoy, otherwise known as Donkey Kong Country Returns. I actually did the impossible and actually tried beating the entire story mode a second time. It was hell of a lot easier and I didn’t really have to rely on the shop items so much anymore. Some of the really hard levels that pissed me off still did but only a little. Don’t get me wrong, I still got frustrated from the hard levels and didn’t beat the temple levels this time, but overall it was significantly a better experience than my first playthrough.

(Of course my memory is bad seeing how it’s now July 2017 and the last time I updated this Then & Now article was about half a year ago. So if I’m repeating myself or if I get any dates wrong don’t be so harsh on me. I doubt anybody will be reading this but if you do just know that university and Steam got me very busy.) Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing was something I always went back to, spending dozens of hours each time I did, due to its high replayability and skill-based gameplay (unlike Mario Kart Wii). I still am amazed by how it resembles the HD versions instead of being watered down.

However, since now I play on PC I honestly wouldn’t tolerate the frame-rate at all and would consider it to be unplayable. So based on my experience with PC gaming, my impression would be that it is now a pile of shit. Its original score would decrease significantly simply because of it crappy performance. Other than that, it’s a great game that will always be remembered as part of my childhood. I’ll let you guys guess what the score will be since I’m lazy and numbers are pointless now a days. My last game to reflect upon would be No More Heroes.

Just like with Donkey Kong, I decided to go back and beat the story mode again even though I didn’t really want to because of some annoying side quests. But it was totally worth it and I enjoyed it even more than I did before during summer of 2016. This game has opened my eyes to how action and open world games work, and I’ll definitley be looking forward to playing the GTA games on Steam. Yes, I know that these recent paragraphs are half-assed, but almost nobody reads them and I’m doing this to motivate myself to start writing for this website again.


While Season 3 definitely made my website shine and show my true potential, it sadly had to end since I had to spend more time with university. Focusing on quality rather than quantity proved to be beneficial as in such a short period of time I have managed to get as much followers as I did before which took months or even years to gain. You can really tell I put a lot of effort and skill into crafting those masterpieces (unlike the last few paragraphs of this article lol) which paid off. I’m hoping when I start my next “season” of reviews it will be just as if not more successful.

I’m going to brutally honest and not review everything that I just wrote for the article and instead give an update of what’s to come. I have decided I will make editorials for gaming again but they won’t follow any format and will be randomly published and reveals my opinions and thoughts at the moment. I still haven’t decided whether to review mobile games first or to just completely transition to PC games, but I will confirm the decision in the future through editorials. Like with finding a job, if I continue to be lazy and just play video games all day it will do nothing for me.

Unfortunately since I didn’t publish anything during the 2016-2017 academic year I will not be writing another Then & Now for August 2017. However, I will publish one next year for 2018 so look forward to that! If you are one of the lucky few to read these articles, then more power to you for being so patient with me. Oh right, one last thing is that I’ll also be discussing topics about PC hardware for those curious or those that have similar issues that I experienced in the past. Remember, I haven’t abandoned console gaming permanently, only temporarily, just like with this website.


How Can I Improve On This Article?

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